About Andrew Farley Ministries

Andrew Farley Ministries is a non-profit media ministry founded in 2015. Our Board of Directors is comprised of the following persons:

  • Rex Robertson, Chairman
  • Tom Lirot, Vice Chairman
  • Andrew Farley, President
  • Michael Pike
  • Dr. Laurence Benz
  • Jeff Mullins
  • Dr. James Wetherbe
  • Randy Ehrlich

Our AFM team is comprised of the following members:

  • Andrew Farley, President
  • Zach Maldonado, Social Media Director
  • Brad L., Donor Relations
  • Sarah N., Accounting
  • Hannah L., Digital Outreach
  • Ashley K., Digital Outreach
  • Diana C., Customer Service (USA)
  • Audrey C., Customer Service (Canada)

We exist to proclaim the finished work of Jesus Christ with boldness and clarity. Our ministry resources include thousands of video and audio messages, eight bestselling Christian books, and a daily radio broadcast airing on Sirius XM in all 50 states and throughout Canada. Sign up for our exclusive content here on this website and join our more than one million followers on Facebook to get encouraged in God’s grace.

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