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Some of Andrew’s most popular quotes: 

Real salvation is not you giving your life to Christ, but Christ giving His life to you.

Since Jesus doesn't die daily, our forgiveness isn't issued daily. It's "once for all" and it is finished!​

Grace and obedience are not contradictions. By grace we became obedient from the heart.

      Once we realize our crucifixion, burial, and resurrection with Jesus Christ, we can see that God announces us as righteous and holy because he is describing our nature. He does more than put a righteous label on us. He does more than merely adopt us into his family. In our human spirits, he has made us like him (1 John 4:17).

      We only truly respect the perfection of the law when we opt out of it entirely, recognizing our need for God’s grace.

It’s not our promise to God that secures us. It’s not our dedication, our commitment, or our promise-keeping that maintains our salvation. The book of Hebrews radically reveals the polar opposite. It’s God’s promise to Himself that secures our salvation (Hebrews 6:13–20).

      The most life-changing aspect of the gospel is not that Jesus died for your sins but that you died and resurrected with Jesus.

God's discipline is training for the future, not punishment for the past.

God never motivates us by hijacking our forgiveness and holding it hostage until we shape up. God motivates us by giving us a new heart filled with new desires and then reminding us of what we really want!

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