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The Art of Doing Something

Here’s a companion message to last week’s message, “The Art of Doing Nothing.” Where does activity fit in? What about good works and fruit?

Radio Shows

Andrew Farley Live!

What does the Book of Job mean by the “sons of god”? What is your take on owning guns? And is witchcraft real? Why don’t the jewish people offer animal sacrifices anymore?

Short Videos

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper should be a time of tremendous celebration as we honor the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, too many believers are focused instead on their recent track record of sins, trying to get cleansed before they partake. In some cases, we’ve even been told not to let children or visitors participate!

In this short video, I address this common misunderstanding and talk about how we can make the most of the Lord’s Supper and keep the focus on Jesus.