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The Predestination Puzzle

Maybe you’ve heard the idea that God has pre-selected some to believe and be saved, while others have no chance, because they were not “chosen” by God.

If true, this confusing belief system would lead to all kinds of concerning questions:

  • How could one ever really know for sure if they are “picked”?
  • How could evangelism be essential if the saved are already chosen?
  • Should believers be resigned to engage in a Plato-Socrates style debate over “fate” versus “free will” like so many do today?

Rest assured that there are solid solutions to the predestination puzzle. And in this full-length message, I share the simple truth that may bring you the clarity you’ve been looking for!

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Andrew Farley Live!

What does the phrase “will be forgiven” mean if all of our sins have been forgiven? Why did Jesus cast demons into pigs? Why did God curse the serpant in the garden? What does it really mean to rest in Christ?

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The Tale of Two Rooms

In this short video, I share the true story of two rooms in our Indiana home and how they relate to your new identity in Jesus Christ!