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See how to escape legalism – and experience the joy of Christ


Joyless drudgery and grit-your-teeth law-keeping hardly reflect Jesus’ idea of the abundant life. But without a clear understanding of His real message in the Sermon on the Mount, that’s exactly the kind of life that many Christians lead – sometimes for decades!

Dr. Andrew Farley shatters the chains of legalism that bind many believers in an all-too-common misinterpretation of the Sermon on the Mount, in his new 4-message teaching series, The Real Sermon on the Mount.

With biblical accuracy, wit, and a clear explanation of both the historical and cultural backgrounds, Dr. Andrew paints a precise picture of Jesus’ two primary messages: (1) everyone is doomed under the true standard of the Law, and (2) there’s a new way to come – a way of liberation and grace!

These vital messages are yours as a thank-you for your gift today to help broadcast God’s Word throughout the world so more people can break free from legalism and enjoy the abundant life in Christ.

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