Radio Highlights

Chief of Sinners?

Lucy wrote in to ask, what did Paul mean when he called himself “chief of sinners” and who was James talking to when he said “wash your hands you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double minded”?

Demonic Oppression

Brett wrote in to ask, “If I battle demonic oppression, does that mean I am not a Christian?”

The Reality of His Return

Will Jesus return for us? AJ called in to the radio program to ask, since his friend was casting doubt on Christ’s return.

In this short video clip, I address AJ’s concern.


Burial vs. Cremation

Is it okay for a believer to have their body cremated? Or is burial the only option in God’s view?

Herb called in to our radio program to ask if he would go to Hell if his relatives cremated his body.

In this short radio clip, I discuss the liberating truth about burial versus cremation.

Myshell nearly committed suicide!

Sometimes there’s a phone call that is really special. This is one of those calls.

Myshell brought me to tears as she told her story of desperation and how God used the radio broadcast to reach her.

Listen in as Myshell and I discuss how she can move forward with confidence in her Jesus.

Confession, Repentance and Asking for Forgiveness

Ann wrote in to ask about the role of repentance, confession, and asking for forgiveness in the life of a believer. Here are my thoughts…

Must We Keep the Sabbath?

Francesca wrote in to ask if we are commanded to keep the Sabbath. Here’s my answer: No!

The Testing of Your Faith

James 1 talks about the testing of our faith. Bridget called in to our radio program to ask if God tests us and then gives us a “grade” on how we’re doing.

In this short video clip, we discuss God’s loving desire to mentor us toward perseverance for the future.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today!

The Popular Idea of “Lordship Salvation”

Is knowing Jesus as Lord a form of legalism? And what about the popular theology called “Lordship salvation” which causes so many to lose their assurance?

I discuss these and more with Brandy who called into our radio program wanting to understand what Jesus as Lord and King really means for us as children of God.

Jesus’ Two Reactions

Jesus sometimes told people to announce His miracles, yet other times He asked them to keep quiet.
Gary called to ask why Jesus had these two different responses when people witnessed His miracles.

Tithing and Grace Giving

John called in to ask about tithing and if there is a required percentage we have to give. Here’s my answer!

Women In Church

Amanda called in to ask if women can speak in church.

What Does “It Is Finished” mean?

Paul called in to ask what Jesus meant by “It is finished.” Here I share its three different meanings and talk about how denominations can be very distracting!

Willful Sin, Salvation, and Repentance

Even one willful sin that you haven’t repented of can lead to losing your salvation? That’s what this caller claimed!

Once For All Forgiveness

One sacrifice for all sins means we’re forgiven, not day after day, not little by little, but once and for all!

Lust, Adultery, and Matthew 5

A previous caller was feeling guilty about desiring consensual intimacy with his own wife. Then Herb called in seeking to apply Matthew 5, lust, and adultery to the situation. Here I share with Herb the true context of Matthew 5:17-48 as the spirit of the Law!

Is Divorce the Unforgivable Sin?

Here Andy called in to ask: Is DIVORCE the unforgivable sin?

Does Water Baptism Play A Role in Salvation?

Here Tony calls in to ask: Does water baptism play a role in salvation?

Do Christians Sin?

How are believers righteous and yet still sin?

Is Gambling a Sin?

Verdina called in to ask if gambling is a sin. Here’s my answer!

Freedom and Matters of Conscience

Jennifer called in to ask what it means to be led by God’s Spirit when there are debatable matters of conscience.

Listen as Jennifer and I discuss what it means to not condemn yourself but instead experience real freedom in Jesus Christ!

We Will Give An Account?

George from Wilmington, North Carolina called in to the radio broadcast to ask about the judgment seat of God in Romans 14.
George wanted to know what it means that “each one of us will give an account of himself to God.”

God Works All Things Together For Good?

Greg called in from Sydney, Australia to ask about God working all things together for good.

How we interpret God’s definition of “good” will dramatically impact our own expectations and our understanding of this important truth.

In this short radio clip, I share what it really means for God to work all things together for good.


The Grace of Giving

Jennifer called our radio program to ask about tithing at her church.

In this short clip, I discuss the truth about grace giving and being motivated by Holy Spirit.


Two Spiritual Natures?

For decades, the most popular version of the Bible in the world stated that we Christians struggle against a second nature that is sinful.

But is this the truth? Do you have two hearts? Two selves? Two natures?

In this short radio clip, a live caller, Ron, and I discuss the truth behind why we still struggle after salvation.

What About Ananias and Sapphira?

In Acts 5, Ananias and Sapphira fell dead after lying about money.
Grace called into our radio program to ask about that event, inquiring as to whether God sometimes kills Christians today when they sin.
I hope you enjoy this short radio clip as it highlights the truth about the punishment that Jesus Christ took upon Himself on our behalf!

The Truth About Binding and Loosing

“Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.” (Matt 18:18)
What is Jesus referring to here? Does this have to do with binding and then casting out demons? Or does it refer to something entirely different?
These were Dorothy’s questions when she called in to our radio program. Listen to this short clip as we discuss the true meaning of “binding and loosing.”
The historical context may surprise you!

Christian, Do You Still Need To Die Spiritually?

Luke says “take up your cross daily” while Matthew simply says “take up your cross and follow Me.” So do we Christians still need to wake up every day and seek to spiritually die? Is God trying to get rid of us or do away with a spiritual part of us as believers?
These were Jeff’s questions. And in this short radio clip, I discuss Luke and Matthew, and I present the “big picture” in the whole of Scripture.
In the end, we find that this is yet another important case where the truth will set us free.

A Sermon for the Future Kingdom?

What was the purpose for the ultra-strict standard presented in the Sermon on the Mount? Will there be a future date at which this sermon will become the standard to try to live by in God’s Kingdom?
These were Derrick’s questions when he called in to our radio program. Listen to this short clip as I share my thoughts on the real intent behind the perfect and impossible standard of the Sermon on the Mount.

Inheriting the Kingdom

In Ephesians and Galatians, Paul says that people who engage in certain lifestyles will not inherit the kingdom of God.
But we Christians stumble in immorality. Sometimes we covet. Sometimes we get angry. So where does God draw the line? How do we rightly understand who will be welcomed in the kingdom and who will not?
This was Chris’s question when he called in to our radio program. Listen as Chris and I discuss this relevant issue, as it may affect the way you interpret a number of important Scripture passages!