Radio Highlights

Did Abe Tithe to Mel as an Example?

There is no instruction for New Testament believers to tithe 10% of their income in any epistle.

Still, some people cite the Old Testament event in which Abraham gave a tenth to Melchizedek as an example for what we should do today.

Is this valid? This was Don’s question which I addressed on the broadcast. Here’s a short clip with my response.


What About James 5:15?

James 5:15 contains the phrase “will be forgiven.”

Matty from Toronto called our radio program to ask why James would phrase it this way if Christians have once-for-all forgiveness.

In this short video clip, I share the encouraging truth about James 5:15 and the phrase “will be forgiven.”


Baptism and Salvation

1 Peter 3 says, “Baptism now saves you…” And many use this phrase to support the idea that a person cannot be saved without water baptism.

But what did Peter really mean?

This was John’s question when he called in to the radio program.

In this short clip, I discuss the true context of “baptism now saves you.”


The Church Fathers?

Some put a great deal of confidence in the so-called “church fathers” who arrived on the scene hundreds of years after Christ.

While some of them contributed significantly to the Christian faith, many disagreed with each other and from them many errors were birthed.

So what is a healthy perspective on the so-called “church fathers”? And what about their apparent failure to believe in the eternal security of the Christian?

In this short video clip, I address these questions. Enjoy!

Defilements of Flesh and Spirit

Zachary asked about 1 Corinthians 7:1 where Paul tells the Greek congregation to stay away from defilements of flesh and defilements of spirit.

Zachary’s question is whether or not this means that believers can have their spirits dirtied or contaminated in some way.

In this short video clip, I address his concern.

What About Backsliding?

Freedom. Today is a day on which many of us celebrate the freedom of our nation.

But every single day we can also celebrate the spiritual freedom bought for us with the blood of Jesus Christ.

We can celebrate our freedom from guilt, our freedom from condemnation, and our freedom from fear.

With this in mind, I want to share a phone call we received from Michael on our broadcast. Michael’s question is important, because he essentially asks whether it is possible for a believer to lose their freedom and “backslide” into spiritual bondage.

Enjoy this short video clip as I address the popular idea of “backsliding” and then highlight why we possess real freedom from fear and a secure position in Jesus!


Those who don’t understand the message of God’s grace often accuse grace teachers of promoting “antinomianism” which is law-hating or law-bashing.

Mark called in asking for clarification on antinomianism and how what we believe and teach is different.

In this short radio clip, I address this important question!

The Litmus Test

As a teenager, I was saved but miserable. The reason this was my Christian experience was because of the lies I was believing.

Only truth sets you free, while error puts you in bondage.

In this short video clip, I discuss this litmus test for our belief systems and how we can know what God’s truth really looks like.


1 John 3:3

What does “purifies himself” mean in 1 John 3:3?

Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated?

Does God Hate?

If God loves everyone and wants all to come to repentance, then why does Paul note that God loved Jacob and hated Esau? What does that passage even mean?

These were Ron’s questions when he called in to our radio broadcast. In this short radio clip, I share my thoughts on this difficult passage.


What about the “continue” verses?

Dustin called in to ask about the “continue” verses in the New Testament.

Hebrews 10:26-31

Carla asked what Hebrews 10:26-31 means. Does this mean believers can lose their salvation? What does willful sinning refer to?

A Stricter Judgment?

Henry from Illinois called in to our radio program to ask about James 3:1

“Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that
as such we will incur a stricter judgment.”

Does God treat Bible teachers differently? Should pastors and teachers be concerned about undergoing a different type of judgment from God?

In this 2-minute radio clip, I address Henry’s concerns.


Women and Head Coverings

Why did the Apostle Paul bother to write the Corinthians about women and head coverings? Do women need to pray with a piece of cloth on their heads? if not, what did Paul really mean?

These were Eileen’s questions when she called into the radio program. Here’s a short clip on the true context of the head coverings passage.


Will God spit believers out for being lukewarm?

Emily wrote in to ask, “Why does Jesus say He will spit us out if we are lukewarm?”

Does Jesus fulfill the Law through believers?

Cal wrote to ask if Jesus fulfills the Law through believers.

Life After Death

What happens when we die? Do we circle the heavenly airport for a certain period of time until we finally see God? Or are we with Him immediately after everything fades to black?


These were Dan’s questions. Listen as I address Dan’s question about life after death.

Chief of Sinners?

Lucy wrote in to ask, what did Paul mean when he called himself “chief of sinners” and who was James talking to when he said “wash your hands you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double minded”?

Demonic Oppression

Brett wrote in to ask, “If I battle demonic oppression, does that mean I am not a Christian?”

The Reality of His Return

Will Jesus return for us? AJ called in to the radio program to ask, since his friend was casting doubt on Christ’s return.

In this short video clip, I address AJ’s concern.


Burial vs. Cremation

Is it okay for a believer to have their body cremated? Or is burial the only option in God’s view?

Herb called in to our radio program to ask if he would go to Hell if his relatives cremated his body.

In this short radio clip, I discuss the liberating truth about burial versus cremation.

Myshell nearly committed suicide!

Sometimes there’s a phone call that is really special. This is one of those calls.

Myshell brought me to tears as she told her story of desperation and how God used the radio broadcast to reach her.

Listen in as Myshell and I discuss how she can move forward with confidence in her Jesus.

Confession, Repentance and Asking for Forgiveness

Ann wrote in to ask about the role of repentance, confession, and asking for forgiveness in the life of a believer. Here are my thoughts…

Must We Keep the Sabbath?

Francesca wrote in to ask if we are commanded to keep the Sabbath. Here’s my answer: No!

The Testing of Your Faith

James 1 talks about the testing of our faith. Bridget called in to our radio program to ask if God tests us and then gives us a “grade” on how we’re doing.

In this short video clip, we discuss God’s loving desire to mentor us toward perseverance for the future.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today!

The Popular Idea of “Lordship Salvation”

Is knowing Jesus as Lord a form of legalism? And what about the popular theology called “Lordship salvation” which causes so many to lose their assurance?

I discuss these and more with Brandy who called into our radio program wanting to understand what Jesus as Lord and King really means for us as children of God.

Jesus’ Two Reactions

Jesus sometimes told people to announce His miracles, yet other times He asked them to keep quiet.
Gary called to ask why Jesus had these two different responses when people witnessed His miracles.

Tithing and Grace Giving

John called in to ask about tithing and if there is a required percentage we have to give. Here’s my answer!

Women In Church

Amanda called in to ask if women can speak in church.

What Does “It Is Finished” mean?

Paul called in to ask what Jesus meant by “It is finished.” Here I share its three different meanings and talk about how denominations can be very distracting!