Radio Highlights

The Fear of the Lord

We often hear things like “Christians need to fear God” and that we need to work out our salvation with “fear and trembling.”

But what does it really mean to fear the Lord? This was Jeanette’s question when she called in to our radio program.

In this short radio clip, I discuss the true meaning of “fearing God” in light of the fact that God is not the author of fear.


How Can I Know I’m Saved?

How can I know that I am truly saved? This was Robert’s question when he called into the radio program. And it is a question that all of us should ask at one time or another in our lives.

In this short video clip, I discuss the difference between putting confidence in our “story” versus putting confidence in Another.

For the many of us who do not have a dramatic story of how we came to faith in Christ, I hope this is an encouragement.


Progressive sanctification?

We have been saved spiritually by new birth in God’s Spirit.

We are being saved from old attitudes by the renewing of the mind.

We will be saved physically by new resurrection bodies.

These are the so-called “three tenses of salvation.”

Maybe you’ve heard something like this before. And there is certainly a great deal of truth in framing things this way. Nevertheless, many still remain confused about the idea of “progressive sanctification’” and how that does or does not fit into the picture.

This was Kathy’s question when she emailed our ministry. In this short video clip, I address the three tenses of salvation and the idea of progressive sanctification.

I hope it is helpful to you today as you think through all that God has done for you and all that God is doing in and through you!

Spiritual Warfare

We hear so much on the Christian airwaves about spiritual warfare and struggle with demonic forces, that sometimes it is hard to discern the truth. Some even claim that if we experience any habitual sinning, we are not really saved!

Wesley called in to our radio program to ask about ongoing struggles, spiritual warfare, and what a believer can practically do in the midst of “combat.”

In this video clip, I address Wesley’s concerns and talk about spiritual battles from a new covenant Grace perspective.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today!

Calling and Election

Star from Trinidad called in to ask what Peter meant when he said we should make sure about our calling and election.

In this short video clip, I address Star’s concern about this difficult passage.

I hope it is an encouragement to you today that Christ indeed lives in you and that you have been privileged to bear the fruit of His Spirit.


Accessing God’s Strength?

Access? Tap into? Lay hold of?

In the Christian world, we often hear these sort of terms used with regard to experiencing God’s strength in our lives.

But these terms seem to imply that God’s strength lies outside of us and we must somehow “get” it.

The truth, however, is much simpler than all of that. In this short video, I discuss the truth about God’s strength with a caller named Kimberly.

I hope this an encouraging reminder to you today that in Christ you already have everything you need.

Removable Hedge?

Some claim that God puts a hedge of protection around Christians, and at times He may then remove that protection, yanking the hedge away as some sort of test.

This was David’s question when he wrote us an email, wondering if God sometimes revokes His protective presence from believers.

In this short video clip, I address this important question: First, is there a protective hedge, and second, is it sometimes removed to teach us a lesson?

Outside the Walls of Religion

500 years ago, the Protestant Reformation began. Still, today there is so much religious jargon and legalistic practice that we need to keep on protesting.

Recently, Brian wrote us to ask about the meaning of Hebrews 13, a chapter that encourages us to step outside the walls of man-made religion and honor Jesus Christ- the renegade, the table turner.

On the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, it is appropriate that we share this short video clip responding to Brian’s question as a reminder to all that there is still much to protest as we celebrate the fullness of God’s grace.


Grace in Tragedy

Many of us have friends or family members who faced such despair in their lives that they decided to commit suicide.

Chris called in to our radio program with a deep concern about the issue of suicide and whether or not it is an unforgivable sin.

In this short video clip, I discuss suicide and the heart of God in this matter. I hope it serves as yet another reminder of how big God’s grace really is for us!

Judgment for God’s Household?

For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? –1 Peter 4:17

This verse was the reason for Efraim’s call.

It is time for judgment? For the household of God? Can we Christians possibly be the ones who “do not obey” in this passage? And what does it mean when it later says that the righteous are saved “with difficulty?”

These were Efraim’s concerns, and in this video clip, I share my take on this controversial and challenging passage!

Spiritual Boredom?

Brian seemed bored to me. He knew the basics of God’s new covenant grace, but his everyday life just seemed stagnant.

His question to me involved what to do in the midst of feeling “stuck” without being legalistic in his approach.

In this short video clip, I shared two pieces of advice with Brian. Here’s our conversation.

I hope it is an encouragement to you today if you sometimes feel bored or “stuck” and wonder what to do as a grace believer.


Love is the Focus

A first-time caller, Dustin, phoned in to ask what it means that “love covers a multitude of sins.”


Here’s our conversation. I hope it’s an encouragement to you today to keep the Christian life simple and focused on the love of Christ!

Our Evil Desires?

James 1:14 says “but each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust [desires].”

Does this mean that our own desires are all evil? And how would this jive with our new identity in Christ? Don’t we have a new, obedient heart full of godly desires? So what can James 1:14 really mean?

This was David’s question when he emailed us. In this short video clip, I address David’s question about our desires.

When Disaster Strikes

Katrina. Harvey. Irma. Maria.

9/11. Car bombs. Mass shootings.

Whether it’s natural disasters or terrorism or other heinous acts, painful events occur every single day in this world.

Is God somehow involved in these? If He is not the cause, then where is He in the midst of them? And what is His heart in these matters?

These were Cheryl’s questions, and I address them in this short video clip.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today in the midst of all that is going on in our world.

Genuine Answers for the Homosexual Lifestyle

A few months ago, Zack called in to share about his struggle with the homosexual lifestyle. And recently, Zack called us back with an update on how he is doing.

Don’t miss this incredible phone call that nearly brought me to tears as Zack explained how God was convincing him of his new heart and his new desires.

This call is a reminder to all of you who support and pray for AFM that you are making a big difference in people’s lives. So be encouraged by Zack’s call today!

Our Location and Our Mindset

Romans 8 speaks of us being “in” the Spirit and setting our minds “on” the Spirit.

But what’s the difference? And how can we rightly understand what Paul meant? These were Brad’s question when he emailed us.

In this short video clip, I address Brad’s question by discussing our new spiritual location and what impact this can have on our attitudes and actions.


The Parable of the Talents

In the parable of the talents, the one who simply hid his talent, rather than investing and getting a return on it, ends up being punished.

Ryan called our radio program to ask about this parable and whether or not Christians should be concerned about punishment if they do not do enough works to impress God.

In this short video clip, I address Ryan’s question and discuss the parable of the talents.

The Gift of Glory?

In John 17, Jesus announces that He has given us His glory. Colossians 3 also says, “When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.”

But what does it mean for Christ to have given us His glory? Is there a practical benefit to that truth right now?

This was Brenda’s question via email. In this short video clip, I address the issue of our sharing in Christ’s glory.


Love is the Fulfillment of the Law

In Romans 13, Paul writes that love is the fulfillment of the Law. But why even mention the Law?

Paul has already told us in the same letter that believers are dead to the law and not under the law, so why would he even speak of love being the fulfillment of the Law?

This was Dan’s question when he called in to the radio program. In this short clip, I share my thoughts on why Paul said love is the fulfillment of the Law.

The Truth About Physical Healing

Some say that every Christian has guaranteed physical healing. Not experiencing it? Your faith is the problem, they say.

But is that the truth?

In this short video clip, I share the truth about physical healing and miracles.

I hope it is an encouragement to you today as you remember that planet Earth comes at you with all kinds of difficulties, but Christ is working in you, even in the midst of them.

Our hope is in Jesus Christ, not in changed circumstances!

We Are Like Jesus!

1 John 4 says, “as He is so also are we in this world.”

But what does that mean? How are we like Jesus even now while we are in this world?

This was Mike’s question when he called into the radio program. Here are my thoughts on this powerful statement.

Faith and Works

Vic wrote us to ask about faith and works and what James meant by “faith without works is dead.”

The examples that James gives of works reveal his true intention in stating that faith without works is dead.

I hope that you, as a believer, enjoy this clip, as it reveals that you have already met the requirement of James 2!

Strategies and Limits of the Enemy

Matt emailed to ask about Satan and demons and their strategies.

How much should we worry about the enemy? How do we respond to accusation and temptation?

Here are my thoughts. Enjoy!

Falling From Grace

Bonnie emailed us to ask about the meaning of “falling from grace.”

In this short radio clip, I address Bonnie’s question: What does it really mean and can it happen to Christians?


The Prayers of Unbelievers

When an unbeliever prays, does God hear them? And does God answer unbelievers’ prayers?

These were Betty’s questions when she phoned in to our radio broadcast.

Watch this short clip in which I discuss what happens when unbelievers pray.

Did Abe Tithe to Mel as an Example?

There is no instruction for New Testament believers to tithe 10% of their income in any epistle.

Still, some people cite the Old Testament event in which Abraham gave a tenth to Melchizedek as an example for what we should do today.

Is this valid? This was Don’s question which I addressed on the broadcast. Here’s a short clip with my response.


What About James 5:15?

James 5:15 contains the phrase “will be forgiven.”

Matty from Toronto called our radio program to ask why James would phrase it this way if Christians have once-for-all forgiveness.

In this short video clip, I share the encouraging truth about James 5:15 and the phrase “will be forgiven.”


Baptism and Salvation

1 Peter 3 says, “Baptism now saves you…” And many use this phrase to support the idea that a person cannot be saved without water baptism.

But what did Peter really mean?

This was John’s question when he called in to the radio program.

In this short clip, I discuss the true context of “baptism now saves you.”


The Church Fathers?

Some put a great deal of confidence in the so-called “church fathers” who arrived on the scene hundreds of years after Christ.

While some of them contributed significantly to the Christian faith, many disagreed with each other and from them many errors were birthed.

So what is a healthy perspective on the so-called “church fathers”? And what about their apparent failure to believe in the eternal security of the Christian?

In this short video clip, I address these questions. Enjoy!

Defilements of Flesh and Spirit

Zachary asked about 1 Corinthians 7:1 where Paul tells the Greek congregation to stay away from defilements of flesh and defilements of spirit.

Zachary’s question is whether or not this means that believers can have their spirits dirtied or contaminated in some way.

In this short video clip, I address his concern.