Radio Highlights

Examine Yourself?

Maybe you’ve experienced a communion service where the lights were dimmed, the solemn music was played, and you were told to “examine” your recent sins before you could partake.
This was Nita’s question: If we believers are completely forgiven and our sins are taken away, then aren’t we already qualified to partake of the Lord’s Supper?
What a great question! And if Nita is right, then what did “examine” mean when Paul used it in 1 Corinthians 11?
Listen in as Nita and I discuss all of the above in this short radio clip.

Should We Judge Others? Does God Judge?

When it says “every knee will bow,” does that include unbelievers? If so, what does the judgment seat of God really look like? And what about judging other people before that time? Is that our role or responsibility?
These were Chris’s questions in this short radio clip. Listen as Chris and I discuss judging other people and God’s judgment of all humanity.

Old Testament Violence?

Roger called into our radio program to ask an important question:
Why does God seem so violent in the Old Testament, while the New Testament states that God doesn’t want any to perish but all to believe?
In short, here’s what I shared with him: Same God. Different covenants. Listen in as Roger and I discuss how all of this plays out.

What About the Big Ten?

So are the 10 Commandments somehow the exception here? And why are they quoted in the New Testament? These were Frank’s questions when he called in to discuss the “moral law” and its role in the life of a believer.

Being Real in Prayer

Brandy called in wondering about prayer:
• How do we pray?
• Should we pray certain prayers?
• Do we persuade God with a quantity of prayers?
In this short radio clip, I addressed these and other questions as Brandy and I discussed prayer.

God’s Discipline

People often ask about God’s discipline and how it fits with God’s love and grace. That was Mike’s question when he called in to our radio program.
Listen in as Mike and I discuss the loving discipline of the Lord and what it looks like in our lives.

Blotted Out of the Book of Life?

Jose asks Andrew if some Christians’ names will be blotted out of the Book of Life.

Born of God

If we are born again, then why do we still sin? And what does 1 John 3 mean when it says that we Christians cannot go on sinning because we are born of God?

Do We Disgust God? Can We Please Him?

Does our behavior matter? And does it change the way that God feels about us?

Put On Christ?

Find out what it means to “put on Christ.”

Is God the Author of Our Pain?

Do we learn through suffering? Where does suffering come from anyway? Is it from God? Does God bring us suffering to chastise us?

Forgiveness and Fellowship

Do we fall out of fellowship every time we commit a sin? Are our prayers “hindered” by our sinning? How does God’s Spirit respond when we struggle?

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Jesus said every sin is forgivable except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. So what is blasphemy of the Spirit, and why is it unforgivable?

Abiding in Christ

What does it mean to “abide” in Christ? Is it difficult? What’s involved? In this short clip, a radio caller, Tina, and I discuss abiding in Christ and walking by the Spirit.

A Quick Reminder About Your Heart

Take in the good news about your heart and enjoy today from a brand new perspective!

Saved By Our Bravery?

What if we were held at gunpoint and failed to display bravery when asked about our faith in Christ? Would we then go to Hell?
This was Katherine’s question when she called into our radio program. Listen as as I share my thoughts with her on bravery and faith.

Closer to God?

Robert calls in to ask how he can get closer to God.

Chief of Sinners?

Are we saints or sinners? Why did Paul call himself “chief of sinners”?

Reward in Heaven?

Crowns? Square footage? What is “reward” all about in Heaven?

Can Christians Be Cut Off?

A live radio caller asks whether Christians can be cut off, losing their salvation.

Once For All Forgiveness

Listen in as this radio caller asks about “once for all” forgiveness. This is a big deal, as understanding the totality of our forgiveness goes a long way toward enabling us to enjoy our relationship with God!.

The Truth About The Lord’s Prayer

Are we only forgiven by God if we first forgive others?

A Caller Asks About Hell and Forgiveness

Are your future sins already forgiven? How can we best understand the forgiveness and resurrection life we possess in Christ? In this short clip, I address a live radio caller’s question about forgiveness, hell, and salvation.

The Truth About Sin and Punishment

In this short radio clip, a live caller asks about sin and punishment. It’s so important that we nail down the forgiveness issue as it relates to punishment. Listen to this clip to see why!

The Truth About So-Called “Backsliding” Christians

In this short radio clip, I address Casey’s question about whether or not he is a backslidden Christian who has sinned too much with no hope left.