Radio Highlights

Can Christians Be Cut Off?

A live radio caller asks whether Christians can be cut off, losing their salvation.

Once For All Forgiveness

Listen in as this radio caller asks about “once for all” forgiveness. This is a big deal, as understanding the totality of our forgiveness goes a long way toward enabling us to enjoy our relationship with God!.

The Truth About The Lord’s Prayer

Are we only forgiven by God if we first forgive others?

A Caller Asks About Hell and Forgiveness

Are your future sins already forgiven? How can we best understand the forgiveness and resurrection life we possess in Christ? In this short clip, I address a live radio caller’s question about forgiveness, hell, and salvation.

The Truth About Sin and Punishment

In this short radio clip, a live caller asks about sin and punishment. It’s so important that we nail down the forgiveness issue as it relates to punishment. Listen to this clip to see why!

The Truth About So-Called “Backsliding” Christians

In this short radio clip, I address Casey’s question about whether or not he is a backslidden Christian who has sinned too much with no hope left.