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Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Ever wondered how the Holy Spirit relates to us on an everyday basis? Here I talk about the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit. Some of what I say may surprise you!

The Gift of Righteousness (Part 12)

This is the twelfth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 9:30-10:1-13).

Does God Need You?

In this short video, I discuss a simple truth that could revolutionize the way you see God. It all starts with realizing how He sees you!

Jesus Christ, In Focus (Part 1)

This is the first message in Andrew’s series on Colossians titled “Jesus Christ, In Focus” (Colossians 1:1-29).

The Importance of Grace – Part 6

When did the New Testament era really begin? How does this radical shift in our perspective impact our reading of the Bible? And how do we avoid distraction and stay focused on God’s grace?

These questions and more are addressed in this full-length teaching on “The Importance of Grace.” Enjoy!

Government Bailout

Does God have an apology-based economy or a blood-based economy for sins?

In this short video, I talk about it.


10 Myths of Religion

Colossians 2 is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible.

Against the backdrop of this powerful passage, I present 10 myths of man-made religion and the truths that set us free.

Some have said these are the most impacting truths they have ever heard.

I hope you enjoy!

Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 15)

This is the fifteenth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 13:1-14).

Romans: The Gift Of Righteousness (Part 4)

This is the fourth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 3:1-31).

Dealing With Anxiety

A quick thought about healthy responses to those anxious thoughts that often plague us.

Jesus! – Part 4

Jesus prayed this radical prayer for you, and it was answered!

Check it out in this week’s powerful addition to our series “JESUS!” Also, get my take on the popular idea of “progressive sanctification.”

1 John 1:9

A bar of soap for daily cleansing? No, here’s the truth about 1 John 1:9!

Is That Really In The Bible? (Part 6)

You say that even the Lord’s Prayer is a prayer that condemns every one of us. And you say that now, on this side of the cross, things are different from the way Jesus prayed. Where do we see this contrast in Scripture? You claim that being under the Law actually arouses more sin in a person’s life. Where does that idea come from? These questions and more are addressed in the sixth message in Andrew’s series titled “Is That Really In the Bible?”

Hotspots – Part 8

Have you ever wondered about the Day of Judgment? What is God’s practical answer to our everyday fear and anxiety? I address these questions and more in this 36-minute message on God’s perfect love. (1 John 4:15-19)

Connected to Christ (Part 2)

A deeper look at John 17.

The Truth About Fear and Trembling

Should we fear God? What does “fear and trembling” really mean? Can we have “anything” if we simply ask in Jesus’ name? Which is actually easier for Christians- to sin or to live uprightly?

I address these questions and more in this full-length message.

Peace with  God –> Peace of  God

How do we experience the peace of God in really difficult circumstances?

It starts with knowing we have peace with God.​

In this short video, I explain.


Truly Knowing Him: a series in 2 Peter (Part 3)

Is Peter saying that we can lose our salvation or lose our contentment if we willfully choose a pattern of sin?

This is the question at hand as I address this very challenging passage in second Peter.


Why Won’t You?

Here I defend the gospel of grace and explain why I won’t add these disturbing doctrines to my teaching!

The Gift of Righteousness (Part 11)

This is the eleventh message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 9:1-30).