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Hotspots – Part 1

Colossians 2 is one of the big hotspots in the Bible. Here we learn that there are three big reasons to thank our God: Because He has forgiven us of all our sins. Because He freed us from dead religion. Because He has made us alive and united together with Christ.

Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 14)

This is the fourteenth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 12:1-20).

One Method or Two?

Here I present a simple concept that could revolutionize the way you wake up every day and live life!

Jesus Christ, In Focus (Part 3)

This is the third message in Andrew’s series on Colossians titled “Jesus Christ, In Focus” (Colossians 3:1-13).

Foot Washing For Forgiveness?

Some claim that we need more and more forgiveness from Jesus as He washes us on a daily basis. Here I talk about this common misconception and the truth of our once for all cleansing.

Reflecting the Love of God

One of the biggest revelations we can have as believers is that we are producers of nothing.

Yeah, you read that one right.

We were never designed to produce anything, spiritually speaking. Instead, we were handcrafted by our Creator to be receivers and reflectors of all that Christ is in and through us.

In this short video clip, I talk about what it means to be a receiver and a reflector of God’s love.


Grace Conversation

In this message Zach and I talk about common questions around the grace message. “What does it look or feel like for Christ to live through us?  Does behavior matter? What about tithing and giving?”

Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 17)

This is the last message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 15:1-33 through 16:1-27).

Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 6)

This is the sixth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 5:1-21).

Where Do My Feelings Fit In?

A short teaching on the proper place of our emotions in our relationship with God.

The Truth About Your Heart

Some Christians think it’s humble and “godly” to say we have wicked hearts. But didn’t God do something pretty significant to our hearts at salvation? In this full-length message, I share the truth about your heart!

JESUS! – Part 2

Is Jesus the only way to God? How do we experience the love of God when our circumstances or feelings don’t seem to line up with the truth of His love? 

Find out in this latest message in the series called “JESUS!”


Paul wrote that without the resurrection, our faith is pitiful and worthless. But why is the resurrection so important?

In this full-length message, I discuss why the resurrection was and is essential to our Christian faith and what it means for us personally.


Forbidden Furniture?

What do a folding chair and a 4-year old saying “all gone” have in common? Find out in this unique look at the finished work of Jesus Christ!

Hotspots – Part 9

Forgiven. Reconciled. Qualified: Don’t even try to live the Christian life without these truths! (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)

From Jail to Joy (Part 2)

This is the second message in Andrew’s series on Philippians titled “From Jail to Joy” (Philippians 2:1-13).

A Sin Blockade?

Some claim that our sins cause a blockade between us and God such that He no longer hears our prayers. But this erroneous idea stems from a poor interpretation of 1 Peter 3:7.

In this short video, I talk about the true meaning of the passage and discuss the simple truth about prayer, our sins having been taken away, and our Father hearing us loud and clear!

Truly Knowing Him: a series in 2 Peter (Part 2)

Learn to distinguish error from the truth that sets you free in this full-length message on 2 Peter 2 titled “Truly Knowing Him!”

3 Ways We Honor The Finished Work Of Christ

In this full length message, I reveal 3 ways we can honor the finished work of Christ. The first way we honor Christ work is when we stop proclaiming confession as the means to “daily” forgiveness from God. When we instead proclaim the blood of Jesus as the only means to “once for all” forgiveness from God. Discover the two other ways we honor His finished work in this exciting message!

Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 13)

This is the thirteenth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 10:17-11:1-36).

God’s View of You: Spirit, Soul and Body

In this full length video, my good friend Tim Chalas and I discuss some of the important truths surrounding our new identity in Christ.