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Are you Robbing God?

In this video, we’ll see that the answer is a resounding “No.” I discuss, the truth about tithing, Jesus’ own words on the topic, and our real motivation under grace!

Is That Really In The Bible? (Part 1)

What evidence is there that the New Covenant began at Jesus’s birth? Where can I find a good summary of the New Covenant in Scripture? What would lead you to say that the Old Covenant is totally set aside? These questions and more are addressed in the first message in Andrew’s series titled “Is That Really In the Bible?”

Resurrected! What Does It Mean?

What does the resurrection mean for you personally? Discover why we celebrate the most important day in history!

From Jail to Joy (Part 1)

This is the first message in Andrew’s series on Philippians titled “From Jail to Joy” (Philippians 1:1-30).

Creation And The Cross: Two Finished Works!

Stop trying to “do” and start living in response to all that God has done.

United With Him

We Christians often talk about getting close and staying close to God. But could it be that the very closeness we seek is something that we already possess?

In this full-length message, I invite you to dive deeply into one of the core truths of the Gospel- your spiritual union with Jesus Christ.

The Law Buffet

In this short video, I point out a few simple truths:

– to be under the Law is to be under a curse.
– the Law is not a “choose your own adventure” situation.
– the Law is an all-or-nothing proposition!

Handpicking our favorite commands from the Law is the very reason that the church today is chopped up into all kinds of denominations.

I hope you enjoy this video as it highlights our liberty from a Law-based relationship with God and our true freedom in Christ!

Convicted of Righteousness!

The believer’s righteousness is the meat of the Gospel message.

  • Are we really as righteous as Jesus?

  • What does it mean to be righteous?

  • How is it more than just being “clothed” in Christ’s righteousness?

Here I discuss our righteousness from various angles, and this important message has the potential to both surprise and encourage you.


Hotspots – Part 4

Does it ever seem unfair that someone else’s disobedience messed up everything? Yeah, the idea that Adam’s sin ruined the world can seem unfair. Well, God’s grace is unfair too. It’s so unbelievably unfair that we get to become righteous because of Someone else’s obedience! Find out how we personally can benefit from a Grace that is so beautifully unfair!

Safe Within His Love! (Part 1)

This is the first message in Andrew’s series on 1 Peter titled “Safe Within His Love” (1 Peter 1:1-16).

Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 13)

This is the thirteenth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 10:17-11:1-36).

Does God Need You?

In this short video, I discuss a simple truth that could revolutionize the way you see God. It all starts with realizing how He sees you!

Jesus Christ, In Focus (Part 1)

This is the first message in Andrew’s series on Colossians titled “Jesus Christ, In Focus” (Colossians 1:1-29).

The Importance of Grace – Part 6

When did the New Testament era really begin? How does this radical shift in our perspective impact our reading of the Bible? And how do we avoid distraction and stay focused on God’s grace?

These questions and more are addressed in this full-length teaching on “The Importance of Grace.” Enjoy!

Government Bailout

Does God have an apology-based economy or a blood-based economy for sins?

In this short video, I talk about it.


10 Myths of Religion

Colossians 2 is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible.

Against the backdrop of this powerful passage, I present 10 myths of man-made religion and the truths that set us free.

Some have said these are the most impacting truths they have ever heard.

I hope you enjoy!

Romans: The Gift Of Righteousness (Part 4)

This is the fourth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 3:1-31).

Dealing With Anxiety

A quick thought about healthy responses to those anxious thoughts that often plague us.

Jesus! – Part 4

Jesus prayed this radical prayer for you, and it was answered!

Check it out in this week’s powerful addition to our series “JESUS!” Also, get my take on the popular idea of “progressive sanctification.”

What is Happening?

Ever wondered how we could be the righteousness of God and yet still be learning and growing and experiencing renewal of the mind along the way?

In this video message, I discuss what has already happened and what is still happening. It’s an important look at both the finished work of Christ and the progressive adventure of the Christian life.

Hope you enjoy!

Small Sins, Big God

In this short video clip, I present the truth about your sins, your God, and your qualifications: Your sins are small. Your God is big. And He has qualified you!