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Questionable Questions

In this message I address questionable questions, such as: What is the difference between sins of omission and sins of commission? What are your thoughts on the anti-Christ? Does baptism wash away sins? Are you against evangelism? What are your thoughts on the age of the Earth? What about the KJV, is this the best bible translation, if its not the best, what bible translation do you recommend?

Hotspots – Part 13

In this full length message, I address the misleading idea that God spits lukewarm Christians out of His mouth (Rev. 3).  

Fully Equipped (Part 3)

This is the third message in Andrew’s series on Ephesians titled “Fully Equipped” (Ephesians 3:1-21).

Freedom in Your Prayer Life!

God’s grace revolutionizes our prayer lives. But how? What can prayer look like if we aren’t busy begging God for what we already have in Christ?

In this short video, I share some practical, Scriptural insights that may radically change the way you look at and experience prayer.


When Did the New Covenant Begin?

The world divides history with the birth of Christ as the dividing line (using B.C. and A.D.). Therefore, most of us grow up assuming that the birth of Jesus is indeed when everything changed. Even Bible publishers have inserted a page right before the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1 that says “The New Testament.”

Nevertheless, the book of Hebrews reveals that a testament (or a covenant) does not go into effect until there’s been a death. In this short video clip, I discuss why the death of Jesus is the true dividing line of human history and why this truth makes so much difference to us today!

The New Creation – Part 4

Some say there’s no real victory over sin on this side of heaven. And they cite Paul’s struggle in Romans 7 as evidence. If the Apostle Paul couldn’t say “no” to coveting, then how is there any real hope for us?

But the truth is that Romans 7 is not the normal Christian life by any stretch. No, it’s actually just the inevitable outcome for anyone – saved or lost – who puts themselves under the Law.

On top of that, here I present some compelling evidence that Paul’s Romans 7 story is actually his experience before he met Jesus Christ. This, all the more, bolsters the liberating truth that we indeed have genuine hope on this side of heaven.


Late to Your Own Funeral

Here’s the true story of my grandma showing up late to her own funeral. This hilarious real-life event has implications for your spiritual life. Find out why, and enjoy!

Where Do You Draw The Line? (Part 2)

To what degree should we stay away from a flesh based identity? What does it mean to abandon everything else as priority next to knowing Christ? These questions and more are addressed in the second message of Andrew and Mike’s series titled “Where Do You Draw The Line?”

Romans: The Gift Of Righteousness (Part 1)

This is the first message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 1:1-17).

Hotspots Part 16 – Are Christians Still Under the Moral Law?

Looking to God’s Spirit as our source is a greater, more glorious way than looking to anything written on stone. That’s the radical message I highlight in this full-length video message on 2 Corinthians 3.

Celebrate the New! – Part 1

What makes the new covenant of God’s grace so different from the old covenant? What specific effect can the new way of grace have in our lives?

Some have said this is the most important message that I share. So enjoy this celebration of the new covenant (39 min) as we start the new year together!


We hear so much religious jargon in Christian circles today. Yet some of these popular terms and expressions are so misleading, as they do not represent the grace of God.

In this video message, I confront some of the popular religious terminology in use these days and then highlight the truth that always sets us free.

Many have shared with me that getting these concepts straight has been so liberating to them. So if you have just 30 minutes, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Hotspots – Part 5

Did God travel down our city streets, declaring, “Heaven. Hell. Hell. Heaven. Hell.”? Did He pre-select certain individuals for heaven, leaving others with no chance to believe? In this 27-minute message, I present the simple truth about predestination.

Safe Within His Love (Part 2)

This is the second message in Andrew’s series on 1 Peter titled “Safe Within His Love” (1 Peter 1:17-2:1-12).

Is That Really In The Bible? (Part 2)

Shouldn’t Christians still consult the Old Covenant as a benchmark for how we’re living? Doesn’t it still have a use for Christians? Just because Jesus is our high priest now, does that really mean that the Old Covenant has been entirely swapped for a superior one? You believe in once-saved-always-saved, right? And you say our behavior is not even in the equation of maintaining our salvation. Where does it say that it’s all because of Him? These questions and more are addressed in the second message in Andrew’s series titled “Is That Really In the Bible?”

How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

In this short video, I share a simple and straightforward way to go about forgiving other people. I have seen God use this easy-to-implement truth to repair broken families and to heal marriages and friendships.

Questions about Freedom (Part 2)

How are people in the Old Testament saved? Did Jesus teach the Law or grace? Do believers need to tithe? If we are no longer under the Law, what commands do we follow? How can sin dwell in me if God dwells in me? These questions and more are addressed in the second part of Andrew’s series “Questions about Freedom.”

Can You Trust Your “Self”?

Is “self” a dirty word? And can you trust your “self”? The answer may surprise you!

Will the Real Christianity Please Step Forward?

Recently, I posted a short video on FaceBook about resting in Christ and the fact that Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

A young woman named Morgan then commented that nothing about the Christianity that she knew seemed easy or light: What about rules against premarital sex? Don’t I have to be Republican? And don’t I need to throw away all my video games and my Harry Potter books?

Morgan asked a series of important questions that are reflective of what many people today presume to be true about Christianity.

In this message, I respond to Morgan and ask for the real Christianity to please step forward!


The Meaning of Baptism

Does water baptism save us? If not, then what is it really all about?

In this short clip, I answer these questions and share what my friend Steven had to say about baptism while demonstrating at his kitchen sink!

Romans – The Gift Of Righteousness (Part 8)

This is the eighth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 7:1-25).