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Romans – The Gift of Righteousness (Part 17)

This is the last message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 15:1-33 through 16:1-27).

From Jail to Joy (Part 4)

This is the fourth message in Andrew’s series on Philippians titled “From Jail to Joy” (Philippians 3:7-3:16).

The Law Buffet

In this short video, I point out a few simple truths:

– to be under the Law is to be under a curse.
– the Law is not a “choose your own adventure” situation.
– the Law is an all-or-nothing proposition!

Handpicking our favorite commands from the Law is the very reason that the church today is chopped up into all kinds of denominations.

I hope you enjoy this video as it highlights our liberty from a Law-based relationship with God and our true freedom in Christ!

Hot Spots – Part 17: I’m NOT Saying That!

Andrew addresses common misconceptions about the new covenant message- namely, the role of the Law, the pre-Cross teachings of Jesus, “once for all” forgiveness, and the dynamics of the spiritual conflict for the believer.

The Truth About God’s Will

What is God’s will for your life? Is it hard to get in God’s will and then stay in His will?

Many Christians find themselves paralyzed by trying to figure out God’s will. But in this short video, I share the simple truth about God’s will.

Don’t miss this one. It may free you up more than you can imagine!

God in a swivel chair?

In the Old Testament, the Israelites could not remain faithful. At one point, God even said that He “turned away from them.”

That was the Old Testament experience under the Law. I like to call that experience “God in a swivel chair.”

In this short video, I explain why today we can experience God with His face always toward us.

I hope this video message encourages you today as you get a greater glimpse of your Father’s smile!

Baptized for the dead? Die daily?

Baptized for the dead? Die daily? What do these expressions really mean and what is our personal takeaway from this controversial passage in 1 Corinthians 15?

Find out in this video message!

ReThink! (Part 4)

Do we believers need to “come to the end of ourselves” in order to “be broken” and “surrender” to God”?

Find out the surprising and liberating truth in this latest edition of “ReThink!”


Lie #6: You Can Fall From Grace and Lose Your Salvation

Lie: You Can Fall From Grace and Lose Your Salvation
Truth: You will never lose your salvation!

Fully Equipped (Part 6)

This is the sixth message in Andrew’s series on Ephesians titled “Fully Equipped” (Ephesians 6:1-24).

A Perfect Fit!

Find out why you’re a perfect fit for God’s new way of grace!

Hotspots – Part 11

In this full length message, I thoroughly discuss one of the most controversial passages about judgment. I think you’ll find the truth to be, as always, very liberating and inspiring!

The Armor of God

Here’s the simple truth about the armor of God and what it means to put it on.

Get Real

Really forgiven. Really righteous. Really sanctified. Learn how to get real and keep it real!

Truly Knowing Him: a series in 2 Peter (Part 1)

How can we recognize a counterfeit belief and distinguish it from the truth? In this brand-new series on 2 Peter called “Truly Knowing Him”, you’ll learn to identify wrong belief systems and separate them from the truth that sets us free.

Here’s part one of “Truly Knowing Him.”


Convicted of Righteousness!

The believer’s righteousness is the meat of the Gospel message.

  • Are we really as righteous as Jesus?

  • What does it mean to be righteous?

  • How is it more than just being “clothed” in Christ’s righteousness?

Here I discuss our righteousness from various angles, and this important message has the potential to both surprise and encourage you.


God of All Comfort – Part 7

The Bible teaches us that there are two very different ways to “measure” ourselves and thus determine our value.

One way leads to comparisons, inferiority, and discouragement. The other way leads to real contentment and real joy.

In this full-length message, I address these two very different ways of seeking worth and meaning.

I hope this message is a reminder to you of your infinite value and of what is most important in life.


Lie #27: You, As A Believer, Have A Sinful Nature

Truth: Your opponent is the flesh- the old way of thinking and acting. But you are new at the core and you’re not your own enemy.

Romans – The Gift Of Righteousness (Part 8)

This is the eighth message in Andrew’s series on Romans titled “The Gift Of Righteousness” (Romans 7:1-25).

Questions about Freedom (Part 2)

How are people in the Old Testament saved? Did Jesus teach the Law or grace? Do believers need to tithe? If we are no longer under the Law, what commands do we follow? How can sin dwell in me if God dwells in me? These questions and more are addressed in the second part of Andrew’s series “Questions about Freedom.”

Hotspots – Part 7

In this message on 1 Peter 1:3-5, I discuss: Why the true meaning of “born again” will blow you away, why the Resurrection is actually what saves you, and why no one can ever mess with your heavenly inheritance.