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Andrew Farley Live!

What are your thoughts on “new covenant theology”? Since we are not under law, do believers still have commandments to obey? Will only humans be in heaven? Do we still sin after salvation?

Andrew Farley Live!

What is your interpretation of 2 Corinthians 5:21?  What are your thoughts on Romans 14:17-18? Why do people misinterpret 1 John 1:9? What is your understanding of “take up your cross daily”?

Old Testament Law Quotes in the New Testament? – Andrew Farley LIVE! Hightlight

Paul tells believers that we are dead to the Law and not under the Law. He even says that Christ is the end of the Law for all those who believe. So why does Paul sometimes quote from the Law in the New Testament?

Identity vs. Behavior – Andrew Farley LIVE! Hightlight

1 Thessalonians 5:23 shows Paul praying that believers would be blameless. But aren’t we already made blameless by the blood of Christ?

And, if so, what can Paul possibly mean?

In this short clip, Dominic and I discuss the difference between being blameless before God and having blameless conduct before men.

Andrew Farley Live!

How do we pray for someone who isn’t saved? What are your thoughts on catholic priests? What are your thoughts on Law and Grace?

My Top Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

In this short radio clip, I share my top ten reasons for being thankful.
Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Andrew Farley Live!

Does the pastor have the right to forgive sins? How do dinosaurs fit into creation? Is there a difference between the fruit of the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit?

Examine Yourself? – Andrew Farley LIVE! Highlight

Maybe you’ve experienced a communion service where the lights were dimmed, the solemn music was played, and you were told to “examine” your recent sins before you could partake.

This was Nita’s question: If we believers are completely forgiven and our sins are taken away, then aren’t we already qualified to partake of the Lord’s Supper?

What a great question! And if Nita is right, then what did “examine” mean when Paul used it in 1 Corinthians 11?

Listen in as Nita and I discuss all of the above in this short radio clip.

Andrew Farley Live!

How does the Lord’s prayer fit into total forgiveness? We are a part of a church that doesn’t teach the grace message, what do we do? Is everyone saved? Are there christians who are not forgiven? Can a believer sin?

Andrew Farley Live!

If we are forgiven of all our sins than what about 1 John 1:9? How do we forgive someone? Can we lose fellowship with God?

Andrew Farley Live!

What does work out your salvation mean? Does the Bible prophesy about political leaders? What is your interpretation of John 20:22-23?

Andrew Farley Live!

In Galatians 5:5, what is the righteousness we are waiting for? What is your opinion on the Lord’s prayer? Will there be a movie of our sins in heaven?

Andrew Farley Live!

Are angels male or female? In the sermon on the mount is cutting off your hand and plucking out your eye hyperbole? Is it okay for a woman to be a leader or pastor in the church?

Andrew Farley Live!

What is your take on the idea of christians calling themselves sinners? Can a christian be forgiven of suicide? When did the new testament start?

Andrew Farley Live!

After we are saved, are we supposed to keep some of the Law? Is the Law a reflection of the character of God? What are your thoughts on apostasy and falling away?

Should We Judge Others? Does God Judge? – Andrew Farley LIVE! Highlight

When it says “every knee will bow,” does that include unbelievers? If so, what does the judgment seat of God really look like? And what about judging other people before that time? Is that our role or responsibility?

These were Chris’s questions in this short radio clip. Listen as Chris and I discuss judging other people and God’s judgment of all humanity.

Old Testament Violence? – Andrew Farley LIVE Highlight

Roger called into our radio program to ask an important question:

Why does God seem so violent in the Old Testament, while the New Testament states that God doesn’t want any to perish but all to believe?

In short, here’s what I shared with him: Same God. Different covenants. Listen in as Roger and I discuss how all of this plays out. 

Andrew Farley Live!

What are your thoughts on fallen angels? What does the bible say about divorce? What is your interpretation of Jesus’ words on divorce in Matthew 5?

Andrew Farley Live!

What are your thoughts on people who use an ouija board? Does it matter who officiates a wedding ceremony? What are your thoughts on a world government?

Andrew Farley Live!

What does it mean to plead the blood? Does God care about what we wear to Church? What is a prophet today?

Andrew Farley Live!

What is your take on the sermon on the mount? Do we need to die to self? Should we pray the Lord’s prayer?

Andrew Farley Live!

Does it make a difference if I believe in body and soul or body, soul, and spirit? Where did Lazarus go when he died? When do we get a new body? Are we coming back to earth in eternity?

Andrew Farley Live!

Since we are under grace, what do we do with the Old Testament? When do we confront someone in their sin? Should sex offenders be allowed to attend church? Can we lose our salvation?

What About the Big Ten? – Andrew Farley LIVE! Highlight

So are the 10 Commandments somehow the exception here? And why are they quoted in the New Testament? These were Frank’s questions when he called in to discuss the “moral law” and its role in the life of a believer.

Andrew Farley Live!

Can we live from our heart? How do we understand the Old Testament in light of the New? What are your thoughts on why the universe and space is so big?

Andrew Farley Live!

When Jesus died on the Cross, did God die? Did Jesus go to hell when He died? How am I seated in heaven? Am I a sinner saved by grace?

Andrew Farley Live!

Do we have sinful, wicked hearts? How do you explain communion to atheists? What are your thoughts on tongues?

Being Real in Prayer

Brandy called in wondering about prayer:

  • How do we pray?
  • Should we pray certain prayers?
  • Do we persuade God with a quantity of prayers?

In this short radio clip, I addressed these and other questions as Brandy and I discussed prayer.

Andrew Farley Live!

Can you clarify John 14:15, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”? Do we need the ten commandments? Are you saying we disregard the ten commandments? Is there any good that dwells in us?

God’s Discipline – Andrew Farley LIVE Highlight

People often ask about God’s discipline and how it fits with God’s love and grace. That was Mike’s question when he called in to our radio program.

Listen in as Mike and I discuss the loving discipline of the Lord and what it looks like in our lives.