“Am I surrendered enough?”

Someone told me that our guide is the Holy Spirit, not Jesus. What are your thoughts? I want to help my Catholic brother come to know Jesus as his Savior. How can I explain the gospel? If someone is angry at God because their child has died, how can I help them? I feel like […]

“The one who does the will of My Father”?

Why are so many Christians confused about faith and works? What about James 2? What does it mean to “do the will of the Father”? Why does Jesus turn some people away in Matthew 7, saying He never knew them?

“Are there TWO kinds of forgiveness from God?”

How do I know if I have God’s favor? I want to walk in righteousness and do His will and be successful. What’s the best way? Are there two kinds of forgiveness? My pastor told me there’s judicial forgiveness and patriarchal (or relational) forgiveness. Where is that idea coming from? Is it true? And what […]

03.03.2024 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

How can I know if I’m chosen by God? I don’t have many friendships and wonder if it’s my fault? What should I do? Why did Jesus oh seem to hesitate but then miraculously make wine for the Cana wedding? Does the Holy Spirit help us keep the Law? Does He help us keep the […]