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September 20, 2021

If the health-wealth gospel is not true, then how should we pray for our physical needs? A man wants to date me, but he is Catholic and prays to saints and angels. What should I do? What role does repentance play in salvation?

Radio Shows
September 20, 2021

Does Ephesians 5 mean that any immorality makes you hellbound? Is John 3 referring to being born again through water baptism? What does the Bible say about sexual immorality? What is repentance and how important is it? My girlfriend won’t take me back. What should I do?

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September 17, 2021

If the lusts belong to sin, then why does James say a man is carried away by his own lusts? Can a believer lose their salvation if they take the mark of the Beast? Are men and women equal to God? What are your thoughts on feminism? Have I backslidden? How do I get back to where I once was? Do I have a reprobate mind?

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September 16, 2021

Paul says no one can call Jesus “Lord” except if they have God’s Spirit. But Jesus says some will call him “Lord” and not know Him. So, how do we resolve this? I had a business decision turn out well, but looking back I wonder if I should’ve had more faith. Should I have more faith next time? What is a healthy perspective on the Old Testament feasts and festivals? Why is the United States not mentioned in the book of Revelation? Do Christian sometimes put too much emphasis on politics?

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