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What is the book of Hebrews about? How does God speak to us today? I need you to confirm my dream or vision that I will have neuroscience technology implanted in me. My son had an affair and has now moved in with someone else. Should I still go see him and the grandkids? How should we interpret Mark 16 that says signs and wonders will follow those who believe?

How should we interpret God’s warnings in the first three chapters of Revelation? Why don’t we see all churches in the same area come together and worship?

Can an unbeliever truly love if love is a fruit of the Spirit? If God never changes, how can we have a new kind of relationship with Him today (versus the Old Testament)? My boyfriend is just recovering from a drug addiction. Should I proceed with the relationship? Is it okay for believers to be involved in politics? When does it become a distraction from the core message of Christianity?

Does water baptism qualify a Christian for a deeper level of discipleship? Where does it say the Law was brought in by angels? Why does this matter? Did Moses really have the glory of God reflecting off his face? How do we live from the right motivation? Will we be able to see people in Hell once we are in Heaven? When exactly does a person become born again? Who are the 144,000 people in Revelation?

Why did Jesus say that people who look back or not fit for the kingdom of God? Does Matthew 16 contradict salvation by grace? How did the things that Jesus did get recorded in the Bible? My niece has decided she wants to be a man. How should I react to this?

Does every Christian need to speak in tongues? What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? What is praying in the Spirit? Is there a private prayer language? Why were Adam and Eve told to fill the Earth if there were only two of them?

Does God ever get angry or frustrated with believers? I suffer from mental illness, and I wonder every day why God won’t heal me. I also suffer from loneliness. What can I do?

How did the bride prepare herself in Revelation 19:7? I had an affair with an evangelist, fasted naked for seven days, and then was told I had to worship a demon. Any chance I can still go to heaven? After learning about God’s grace, I’m now not sure what service looks like and what church should be. Can you clarify?

Do believers get varying amounts of rewards in heaven? What is the bema seat? Can you walk away from the Holy Spirit? My grand niece suffers from anorexia. What help can you suggest? My friend judges me for smoking cigarettes, but I also can’t quit. What are your thoughts? Are there levels of experience in heaven based on our works on Earth?

What do the two debtors represent in Luke 7? Did people in the Old Testament have a new heart? How do we talk with Mormons about the gospel? Have I fallen out of God’s grace? Do we have to wait for heaven after we die? Do we have to wait for the new Earth? What can I do in the face of a tough decision? Why do so many people resist the message of God’s grace? How can I answer their questions?

How do I find a grace church? How can I better share the message of God’s grace with others? I’m constantly praying for circumstances to be removed, yet I don’t feel peace about it. How should I interpret this? What does “kicking against the goads” mean?

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? How do we define sin without the Law? Does Matthew 6:15 contradict total forgiveness?

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