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Is repentance necessary for salvation? Can we know who is saved and who is not? What are your thoughts on the movement called “Lordship salvation”? Why did Jesus say “many are called, but few are chosen”?

Tags: called, chosen, lordship salvation, repentance, salvation

Will all of Israel be saved? Can unbelievers or children participate in the Lord’s Supper? Why does 1 John say Jesus is our Advocate? Is He up in Heaven constantly arguing on our behalf with an angry Father?

Tags: 1 John, advocate, children, finished work, Israel, Lord’s Supper, partiality, saved, unbelievers

Is the foot washing in John 13 symbolic of our partial forgiveness and need for daily touchups through confession? What do you think about fearing God? Paul told Timothy that all Scripture is useful for teaching, so how does the Law factor in?

Tags: cleansing, confession, fearing God, foot washing, forgiveness, grace, John 13, Law, New Covenant, Scripture

Special Teaching Edition: What does it mean to be “complete” in Christ? Is there really a “second blessing” or “second baptism”? How can the Christian life be a life without rules? What is the best way to fight temptation?

Tags: alive to God, baptism, complete, dead to sin, Holy Spirit, rules, second blessing, sin, temptation

What did Jesus mean by “binding” and “loosing”? Why did Jesus ask why a man called him “Good Teacher”? Does God humble us? Or do we humble ourselves like Jesus did? Doesn’t Calvinism leave people wondering if they were truly chosen? Does the Lord’s Supper literally become the body and blood of Jesus? Do you think we can say the sin mentioned in 1 John is the sin of unbelief?

Tags: 1 John, binding, blood, body, Calvinism, chosen, good, humble yourselves, Jesus, loosing, Lord's supper, predestination, sin, unbelief

What does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit when you believe? Can my husband and I take a break from tithing? So many preachers are saying it’s “God’s will” to heal everyone, so why aren’t we all healed? Can we lose our salvation?

Tags: giving, God's will, healing, Holy Spirit, new bodies, receive, tithing

How can I stop worrying about my children’s salvation? I’m being stalked by an ex-boyfriend, and the police won’t help. What should I do? Should we predict the timing of the end of the world?

Tags: boundaries, children, end of the world, evangelism, police, prophecy, report, salvation, stalker, wisdom

[Prerecorded] Can we lose the Holy Spirit? What is repentance? Why would we give an account of our lives if we are forgiven?

Tags: , forgiveness, Holy Spirit, judgment, repentance

My family is in a dispute about medical issues. What should I do? I suffer from depression, and I’ve heard that God won’t allow us to experience more than we can handle. Is that true?

Tags: depression, dispute, family, medical, suffering

How can I hear God’s voice? My wife passed away, and I wonder if she still remembers me in Heaven? I’ve struggled in the past with thoughts of violence. Am I forgiven for those? Do some groups believe Jesus is the archangel Michael? Are they saved? Who are the 144,000 spoken of in the Book of Revelation? I believe a guardian angel rescued me on the highway!

Tags: archangel, forgiveness, God’s voice, guardian angels, Heaven, Jehovah’s Witnesses, memories, Michael, salvation, Seventh-Day Adventist, violence

How can I communicate the Gospel to my father who is a lapsed Catholic? Why aren’t more Christians out in the streets evangelizing? What is the “balance” between loving your life and hating your life (John 12:25)?

Tags: balance, Catholic, evangelism, hate your life, John 12:25, love your life, street witnessing

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