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November 30, 2020

What is “the crown of life” (James 1)? I have lost four people this year, and I’m grieving- can you help? Are there restrictions to celebrating the Lord’s Supper? What is the meaning of The Parable of the Ten Virgins?

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November 29, 2020

Does the New Testament give us yet another spiritual bar to jump over? Are we saved from God or saved from sin? Do we need to take up our cross daily? Why do people have so much trouble with free grace? When we die, do we have to wait for new bodies? What does it mean to have fallen from grace? Is the Old Testament law written on our hearts?

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November 27, 2020

What does it mean to be in Christ? What is tongues? Are we forgiven only if we forgive others first?

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November 26, 2020

Are we supposed to give thanks for all things? Do good people go to heaven? Do we need to be baptized in order to be saved? Do hands need to be laid on us in order to receive the Holy Spirit?

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November 25, 2020

I died and spoke to God and now I don’t know how to talk to Him. Can you help me? I shared my faith with a friend and now they won’t talk to me. How do I respond? How were people forgiven before Christ shed His blood?

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November 24, 2020
What are your thoughts on assisted suicide and euthanasia? Can a true believer have an ongoing lifestyle of struggle with sin? Can a Bible teacher be off-base in some significant ways and yet still be saved?
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November 23, 2020

(1) Do you think there’s going to be tracking devices in the new vaccines? (2) I was introduced to pornography at an early age and have struggled with it most of my life- I just need to share that with you. (3) I’m Catholic, and I wonder about Sabbath day observance. Sometimes I get judgmental when others don’t keep the Sabbath.

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November 22, 2020

Does God speak to us? And what does it mean to “put God first”? Is my father in heaven now or is he waiting on the return of Christ?

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November 20, 2020

How do you understand Jesus’ message in Revelation 2 to the church of Thyatira? Does Ephesians 4:5 mean you can only be baptized in water one time? How do I know God’s calling and purpose for my life?

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November 19, 2020
What if we die while still struggling with willful or intentional sin? What if I forgive someone but still have old feelings of resentment? Is infant baptism Biblical? What is predestination?
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November 18, 2020

Can we be possessed by demons? What is critical race theory? How do we recognize false teachers? Did God kill Ananias and Sapphira? Are we “already healed” physically but just don’t realize it?

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November 17, 2020

If we are blessed with every spiritual blessing, can we have every spiritual gift? What is New Testament prophecy? Are we still under the moral law as Christians? How do I deal with reoccurring sin in my life?

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