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Does God use our mistakes for good? Why do I feel so alone in understanding God’s grace? What should I do? Is Hebrews 6 a warning about losing your salvation? Does God rank each sin differently?

What does it mean to be unequally yoked with someone? What does “taking every thought captive” really look like? What is a “hardened heart”

How can we know Christianity is the one true religion? What does it mean that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law?

What is the gift of tongues? Are there two kinds of tongues? Are spiritual gifts for edifying oneself? Is there a private prayer language? Why did Paul refer to tongue speaking as “speaking into the air”?

Is James 5:19-20 evangelistic or is it about rescuing a believer from struggle? Are we sinners, saints, or both? Will we recognize, even mourn, the loss of loved ones in Heaven or on the new Earth? My cousin was in a coma and died. I prayed that his sins would be forgiven and now wonder if my prayer was answered.

What is the “fear and trembling” in Philippians 2? How is atonement different from propitiation? How do I get the glory of God?

Why do some in Matthew 22 get thrown out of the banquet? Is this loss of salvation? I struggle with sin a lot. I know I’m forgiven, but what can I do when I let God down?

How should we view the words of David in the Psalms? What are your thoughts on unhitching the Old Testament from our evangelism? Why do we have so many doctrinal differences in the church today?

When a believer sins, is it rebellion? What does James 1 say we should ask God for without doubting? How do you forgive someone from the heart? What if your feelings don’t line up? Will cremation keep us from enjoying a new, resurrection body? Is it okay to ask God for protection, both physical and spiritual?

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