Do priests decide who’s forgiven by God?

What does 1 John 3 really mean about a believer not practicing sin? Does John 20 mean humans can determine who is forgiven by God? Why does Jesus say there’s a reward for giving a cup of water if we all get the same reward? Why was I slain in the Spirit when I went […]

04.30.2023 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

What commands are actually written on our hearts? I was really hurt by family, but now I’m wondering if I should give them a second chance? What’s happening in John 20 when Jesus breathed on the disciples and they received the Holy Spirit? People don’t seem to understand me, and I end up living life […]

04.05.2015 – Andrew Farley Live!

What does the resurrection mean for us personally? How can I know if I am saved? Based on the great commission, do you think there should be missionaries? In John 20, Jesus breathed on the disciples with the Holy Spirit, and then they got the spirit at Pentecost, what does this mean? Do we need to preach the Law […]