“You’re like the Holy of Holies!”

Can you walk away from the faith and no longer abide in Christ? Didn’t Jesus teach that we should keep the Sabbath? Were the angels at Jesus’s tomb a fulfillment of the angels that were on the ark of the covenant?

Covenant Confusion!

We live under a new covenant that carries all kinds of beautiful implications for our new life in Christ. Still, many believers are not aware of the differences between the old and the new. Greg called in to our radio program to ask if I would highlight the important differences between the old covenant and […]

11.10.2013 – Andrew Farley Live!

Is there a style of music that you prefer or musician? Do we have to be connected to a local church in order to grow spiritually? Does God punish us? I can’t find that Jesus was dead and buried three days and three nights? Was there only ever one covenant?