Generational Curses?

​There’s a lot of talk in the Christian world today about generational curses. And some say that the sins of our ancestors can bring down curses upon us. Then they usually suggest a series of prayers or a process of “reclaiming spiritual territory” to break free from these generational curses. ​Is there any truth to […]

12.13.2017 – Andrew Farley Live!

What does it mean to quench or grieve the Spirit? How can we know that “those who practice such things” and “do not inherit” refers to unbelievers? What is the grace response to the idea that Christians can suffer from generational curses? What would you tell a person with an addiction to pornography?

12.13.2015 – Andrew Farley Live!

What is your opinion of the King James version Bible? Why are people who live under the Law so mean? What is apostasy? Where are the original manuscripts and can you buy them? Can there be sin passed down from generation to generation?

11.22.2015 – Andrew Farley Live!

How do we know if a story in the Bible is a parable, a real story or an allegory? Does my wife have a speech problem because of a generational curse? What does it mean that God loved Jacob and hated Esau? How does God see the world? What is the faith delivered to the […]