Are remarried Christians committing adultery?

Is it OK for divorced Christians to get remarried if their former spouse is still alive? A listener called recently for clarification after his friends said he’d be committing adultery if he were to remarry while his ex-wife is still living.

This type of Scripture twisting around divorce and remarriage is damaging, unhealthy, and rooted in a misunderstanding of New Testament instructions. It leaves people feeling controlled by a former spouse instead of free to remarry with a clean slate.

In this short video clip, I share the context of several relevant passages, including 1 Corinthians 7 and Romans 7, to explain why a remarried believer is not sinning or in perpetual adultery, even if their ex remains alive.

If you’re in Christ, you can give thanks. No matter your marital status, you are holy, righteous, and FREE!


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