If we were already dead, what died at salvation?

Part of the great news of the Gospel is that believers in Christ have moved from death to life. We are now dead to sin and alive to God! But this can lead to some interesting questions:

• If we were spiritually dead as a lost person, what part of us died at salvation?
• If we died, how are we alive now?
• Do we have a human spirit that is distinct from God’s Spirit?

In this short broadcast clip, I share the incredible realities of what happened to your spirit (and nature) at salvation and how receiving the Holy Spirit fundamentally transformed your relationship to the Law and religious rules.

Grasping these truths can open up a whole new way of living, so check it out and discover how life in Christ brings freedom – including freedom from sin!


Find more encouragement about your spiritual death and new life in Christ in my message, God Says – Part 4, or my BibleQuestions.com Q&A What Does It Mean to Be “Dead to the Law”?

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