Self-improvement is a sin!

In my book God Without Religion, I wrote that “self-improvement is a sin and an impossibility.” That’s right, a sin! In Galatians 3, Paul chastises the Galatians for trying to perfect themselves through self-effort.

This is very different from what popular religion teaches, and a recent caller asked for clarification. Doesn’t God want the world to self-improve? Doesn’t it please Him when I do my part and work toward bettering myself?

As I share in this short video clip, God never calls you to improve yourself. Instead, He wants you to count yourself alive or agree with Him about being the new self. Simply put, you can’t improve on what God’s already done for you and to you.

Check out this surprising truth and be encouraged!


Learn more about the fallacy of self-improvement in my message, The Tale of Two Ministries, or check out my book God Without Religion!


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