Should Christians balance law and grace?

The idea of Christians balancing law and grace is a common misconception in the church today. Yes, the Law is good and serves as a tutor to lead us to Christ, so it might seem logical that it brings stability to Christian living.

But as believers, we are no longer under the Law. Trying to balance it with grace will only lead to a mixture of failure and victory. That’s because sin thrives under the Law, but sin is dead under grace!

In this eye-opening video clip from the daily broadcast, you’ll learn why it’s erroneous – and even dangerous – to tell Christians they need to balance law and grace. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of this important topic and be inspired by what truly teaches you to live an upright life!


Watch my sermon clip Should We Balance Law and Grace? to learn more, or read my Q&A, What Does It Mean to Be “Dead to the Law”?

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