The greatest commandment doesn’t apply to you?

When asked by the Pharisees which is the greatest commandment in the Law, Jesus replied that we should love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. Preachers have used this to urge us to love God more, try harder to put Him first, spend more time with Him, and get rid of idols in our hearts.

There are many problems with this line of teaching, not the least of which is that the “greatest commandment” doesn’t even apply to believers!

In this short video clip, I share with a radio listener why we’re free from the impossible standard of “trying to love God more.” You’ll be relieved to hear God is not competing for your love and attention but simply enjoying everyday life with you!


For more teaching on the greatest commandment and the new command that has replaced it, check out this video clip, Do You Love God Enough?

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