What makes a great marriage?

What if I told you that Jesus wants to do marriage through you? It’s a radical idea, but His divine presence can unlock the power to transform your marriage.

Amidst the hurts and unmet expectations that most spouses face, tapping into the power of God’s grace and your union with Jesus can help you navigate these challenges and find your respect, honor, value, and worth.

Check out this extended audio excerpt from the broadcast that explores practical ways to live out this truth. You’ll hear several illustrations – including a Hollywood romantic comedy, the law of “thou shalt meet my needs,” and a basketball game – to help you apply the miracle of the indwelling Christ in your marriage, relationships, and life in every aspect!


For more teaching on how God’s love empowers us to love others, watch my sermon Won’t You Be Mine? or my BibleQuestions.com Q&A Do Wives Have to Submit to Their Husbands?

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