God Gave You The Gold

Isn’t it amazing that the Lord would count us righteous in a way we could never be because of what he alone could accomplish? It would be like an Olympian skiing an impossibly dangerous race and then handing us the Gold Medal at the bottom of the mountain.

Forbidden Furniture?

What do a folding chair and a 4-year old saying “all gone” have in common? Find out in this unique look at the finished work of Jesus Christ!

Dying to Self

Here’s why the popular idea of “dying to self” is all wrong. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why Christians do not need to die to self!

Galatians 2:20 – Crucified with Christ

I want to share my favorite verse in the Bible with you. It’s filled with so much powerful, life-changing truth, that one video doesn’t do it justice. I encourage you to take some time with it and ask God to reveal all that it can mean for you personally!

3 Ways We Honor The Finished Work Of Christ

In this full length message, I reveal 3 ways we can honor the finished work of Christ. The first way we honor Christ work is when we stop proclaiming confession as the means to “daily” forgiveness from God. When we instead proclaim the blood of Jesus as the only means to “once for all” forgiveness […]

A Perfect Fit!

Find out why you’re a perfect fit for God’s new way of grace!