101 Bible Questions – Part 7

I’m excited to share the latest message where we explore the topic of temptation and warfare.

The Biblical truths shared here can revolutionize how you view temptation and equip you to overcome it. As a believer, understanding your death to sin, the world, and the flesh and its desires will change your view of temptation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience true victory and walk in the freedom Christ has provided for you. I encourage you to listen to the full message and allow it to transform your approach to temptation!

Discussion Questions for “101 Bible Questions” – Temptation & Warfare:

  1. React to this statement: The world has been crucified to me.
  2. React to this statement: I have crucified the flesh.
  3. How does this message of our death to sin, the world, and the flesh change how you view temptation?
  4. React to this statement: The flesh is not part of who I am.
  5. What means the most to you from this message? Why?

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