Complete in Christ – Part 4

In this illuminating journey through the first half of Colossians 3, we’ll uncover the inspiration Paul offers for renewing our minds and thinking differently.

We’ll also delve into the beautiful concept that our lives are hidden with Christ in God and celebrate the truth about our closeness to Him. And we’ll unpack what it means to “put on” the outside what’s already on the inside, reflecting what we’ve received from God to others.

I look forward to exploring these transformative truths with you as we deepen our knowledge of our new identity in Christ!

Discussion Questions for Colossians 3:

  1. Read verses 1-2. What inspiration does Paul offer for thinking differently?
  2. Read verses 3-4 and react to this statement: Your life is hidden with Christ in God. Christ is your life!
  3. Read verses 5-8 and react to this statement: Don’t walk like them because you are not them.
  4. How do verses 9-10 demonstrate (via past tense) that we believers can now “be ourselves”? What is being “renewed”?
  5. Does “chosen of God” in verse 12 support Calvinism? Why or why not?
  6. Why does verse 13 appear to be the opposite of what we see in the Lord’s Prayer (if you forgive others, then God will forgive you)? How do we explain the discrepancy?
  7. Read verse 14 and react to this statement: Put on love (on the outside), because love has been poured in your heart (on the inside).

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