God Says – Part 3

We believers often wonder: Can I lose my salvation? Can I mess this up? What if I keep on struggling? What if I wake up one day and stop believing or stop loving God? These questions can weigh us down or even nag at us daily.

In this message, I share the truth about how safe and secure we really are in Jesus. Ultimately, it’s about deciding whether our God is a truth-teller or a liar. That’s right – it really comes down to the character of God. Why? Because in Scripture, we see so many promises that God will never leave us, never forsake us, and that nothing separates us from His love.

So, who are you going to believe? Find the encouragement and confidence you need to believe God at His word in my new message, “God Says: You Are Safe!”


Discussion Questions:

  1. What are three of the reasons Andrew offered as to why believers are eternally secure?
  2. Which reason impacted you the most and why?
  3. How does God address the concern of us no longer believing or no longer loving God?
  4. How did Andrew react to this statement: “If Christians are eternally secure, they can just go out and do whatever they want!”

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