News Flash! – Part 12

“If you go on sinning willfully, there’ll be no sacrifice left!” That’s the declaration made in Hebrews 10:26 – one of the most controversial passages in the whole Bible.

In this important message, I put this challenging verse in proper context and demonstrate why we can actually have full assurance that God will never leave us and that we will never shrink back from Him.

Enjoy the truth and let it set you free!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 19-22. How exactly does the “new and living way” inspire confidence and assurance?
  2. Read verse 24. In context, what is the motivation for love and good deeds?
  3. Read verse 25. What benefit is gained by gathering with other believers? How is this different from a legalistic approach to church “attendance”?
  4. Read verse 26 and react to this true statement: The only kind of sinning mentioned for ten chapters in Hebrews is the sin of unbelief in God’s message.
  5. In verse 26, why does it say, “there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins”? Why not?
  6. Read verses 27-28. What key words do we see here that show this warning is for unbelievers who reject the Gospel?
  7. Read verse 29. How do the phrases “do you think” and “will deserve” frame this as a rhetorical question for you as the reader? Why is this important?
  8. React to this statement: Christians don’t get what they deserve. We get what Jesus deserves.
  9. Andrew offered three interpretations of verse 29 (“by which the covenant was sanctified”, “by which Jesus was sanctified”, and the overall rhetorical nature of the question). What are your thoughts on these?
  10. Read verses 35-37. What is the present-day and/or future “reward” and “promise” the author may be speaking of?
  11. How does verse 39 offer us clarification and relief?

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