News Flash! – Part 3

“You need to pay attention to this Gospel and not let your focus drift away toward dead religion!”

This is the warning in Hebrews 2. Think about it: Their forefathers failed to listen to Moses, and remember what happened to those lawbreakers. Ouch! How much more important is it now to respond to the message of Jesus as Messiah and not neglect salvation!

Jesus did a great work on that cross, satisfying God forever, and now everyone is offered the opportunity to look to Him. He will make you holy and call you family. And He will even help you through temptation when things get rough. All the while, He treats you with dignity and respect, knowing that you are a gift from the Father to Him.

Wow! So much to reflect on in Hebrews 2. Enjoy!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the true purpose of signs and wonders? How can this purpose be distorted by some?
  2. React to this statement: Jesus tasted death so you wouldn’t have to.
  3. What does “sanctified” really mean? What does it mean to you to already be sanctified? Why do you think so many get this wrong?
  4. Have you ever thought about yourself as a gift from God to Jesus? Why or why not?
  5. React to this statement: God is fully satisfied with the sacrifice of Jesus, so you can be too.
  6. How does Jesus being tempted in every way make you feel about trusting Him today?

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