The Great News of the Gospel – Part 15

There’s zero condemnation for you!

Romans 8 begins with the amazing reality that you’ll never get what you deserve. Sin deserves death, but you sin every day and never die. You always have eternal life in Jesus, no matter what.

Romans 8 contains another stunning truth: “the spirit is alive because of righteousness.” This means you have a real righteousness that involves being alive in Christ. It’s not about imputed righteousness as “heavenly bookkeeping.” You’ve been imparted real righteousness at the core of your being. You’re the righteousness of God!

In this message on Romans 8, I celebrate these exciting truths and so much more. In fact, you’ll gain a new perspective on the whole passage – no longer seeing it as merely being about two ways for the Christian to “walk” but instead as being about two kinds of people (unbelievers and believers). And during our exploration of the passage, you’ll discover that you have a new, powerful tendency within you.


Discussion Questions for Romans 8:1-17:

  1. What does “no condemnation” mean to you personally?
  2. What is the law of sin and death? How were you set free from it?
  3. How is Romans 8 describing two kinds of people? How is this different from the idea of it describing two kinds of choices?
  4. Read verses 8 and 9. Who are “in the flesh”? Can Christians be “in the flesh”?
  5. React to this statement in verse 10: “the spirit is alive because of righteousness.”
  6. What do you think “you must die” means in verse 13?
  7. Read verse 14 and react to this statement: All believers are being led by the Spirit of God.
  8. What does it mean to you to be a “fellow heir with Christ”?

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