Two Acts of God – Part 1

In this first message of our “Two Acts of God” series, we explore what the cross means to us individually and how it shapes our understanding of our identity in Christ. We’ll dive into the liberating truth that through the cross, we are declared holy and blameless, and we have perfect peace with God. Imagine the freedom and joy that comes from knowing that God will never refer to our sins again!

We’ll also learn why the cross means freedom from the Law, and we’ll discuss why the message of being “crucified with Christ” is often neglected today and how embracing this truth can revolutionize our lives.

Prepare to be inspired and encouraged as we probe the depths of God’s love and grace through the power of the cross!

Discussion Questions:

  1. In your own words, what does the cross mean to you?
  2. React to this statement: I am holy and blameless, and I have perfect peace with God.
  3. React to this statement: God will never refer to my sins again.
  4. Why do you think “crucified with Christ” is such a neglected message today?
  5. What does freedom from the Law mean to you? What does it not mean?
  6. Of all the benefits of the cross, which impacts you the most? Why?

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