04.30.2023 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

What commands are actually written on our hearts? I was really hurt by family, but now I’m wondering if I should give them a second chance? What’s happening in John 20 when Jesus breathed on the disciples and they received the Holy Spirit? People don’t seem to understand me, and I end up living life […]

01.07.2022 – The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley

Where in the Bible are we told to try to be more Christlike? Why did God let Satan tempt Job? How can we better approach temptation? My wife is more loyal to my daughter than to me right now. I feel betrayed and disrespected. What should I do?

03.23.2014 – Andrew Farley Live!

Do I have to stay at a particular church? What are your thoughts on forgiveness? I’m angry and hurt from my past relationship, what do I do? What is the teaching of the Nicolaitans, in Revelation 2? How do I hear Gods voice and be led by His Spirit?

06.23.2013 – Andrew Farley Live!

I used to be an alcoholic, is it to much to ask my wife not to drink? I am stressed about my job and finances; do you have any advice? My wife won’t forgive me, what do I do? How do laws and rules play in raising kids? Does someone need to get officially married in order to be […]