Have you blasphemed the Holy Spirit?

In Matthew 12, Jesus describes the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Unforgivable? That’s a scary thought, especially if you’re unsure what blasphemy means. Is it profane thoughts, speech, or actions? Can you do it unintentionally?

Blasphemy is a serious topic, but the good news is it’s a sin a believer cannot commit!

As I share with a caller in this short video clip, you have nothing to fear if you’ve called upon Jesus for salvation. You’re safe and secure, your forgiveness endures forever, and God is not threatened by anything you say or do. You can’t mess this up!


For more assurance that a believer’s forgiveness cannot be forfeited, check out this message or read or watch my Q&A from BibleQuestions.com!

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