Once saved, always saved? Really?

The permanence of your salvation is an important truth we’ll never stop proclaiming at The Grace Message. (Sadly, there are still far too many teaching you can lose your salvation!)

Recently, two back-to-back callers asked if “once saved, always saved” is really true. In a unique twist, I shared the Bible passages used by those who think salvation can be lost and revealed their true context. The bottom line: Believing in temporary salvation is calling God a liar!

I also shared numerous Scriptures that prove nothing, including your sins, can separate you from God’s love. Watch this short clip now and celebrate that your salvation has been secured forever!


Learn more about the permanence of your salvation in my message, The Truth About Eternal Security, or in my BibleQuestions.com Q&A, Is “Once Saved, Always Saved” Really True?

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