Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

The apostle Paul experienced physical “weakness” of some kind, because of what he called a “thorn in the flesh.” There are many theories about this thorn:

  • Was Paul possessed by a demon?
  • Was it an annoying person in Paul’s life?
  • Was it a physical infirmity Paul suffered?
  • Was it simply persecution in general?

We can’t know for certain exactly what type of suffering Paul went through in regard to this thorn, but we can rule out demon possession. In this short video clip, I explain why and – just for fun – make one guess at Paul’s thorn. No matter what you might believe about the thorn, the lesson to be learned here is one of dependency on Christ in the midst of weakness. That’s the big takeaway, and I hope this short video is an encouraging reminder of how protected you are (and how equipped you are for any trial) in Jesus Christ.

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