The New Covenant explained!

The earthly life and ministry of Jesus express God’s great love for us, and His death and resurrection ushered in the incredible gift of the New Covenant.

Many, however, have never heard a good explanation of the New Covenant or understood its importance. In this short clip, I explain what makes the new different from the old. I also share some powerful truths about God’s new way as they relate to your new heart, your new desires, and your once-for-all forgiveness.

If you’re feeling discouraged, or if you’re just wanting a better idea of what God thinks of you, I have some great news to share. Discover that the message of Jesus shines all the more brightly when you understand the amazing news of the New Covenant!


For more teaching on why the New Covenant is so much better than the old, check out this message, News Flash! – Part 9.

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