The shocking truth about you!

Are you ready to challenge conventional beliefs about your nature as a Christian? It’s time to dive deep into the provocative question of whether you’re truly good.

“Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.” This statement by Jesus in Mark 10 has been used to tell believers they’re bad, not good. But is that really what Jesus meant?

In this short video clip, I unpack why it’s absolute nonsense to say Christians are still bad after being born again. The truth of the Gospel is far more inspiring and liberating than you may have ever imagined.

Watch the video clip now and uncover the shocking truth from Scripture about your nature as a believer. It will help you embrace and celebrate that you’re unequivocally good!


Discover more about your goodness in my 3-part sermon series “Are You Good?” or in my series of Q&As on your identity in Christ!

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