Will some believers be told, “Depart from Me”?

Jesus says He’ll tell some to depart from Him at the final judgment, because He never knew them. Who exactly is Jesus referring to? Are these people who didn’t do enough? Could this include believers who then lose their salvation? These were the questions of a recent caller to the broadcast.

Whether or not we can lose our salvation is one of the most frequent questions I receive. In this short video clip, I share who Jesus is referring to and address whether our quantity of works influences His decision to keep us in the family.

Here, you’ll learn why God won’t change His mind about you and see the path to rock-solid assurance that He’ll never leave you!


To learn why God won’t ever change His mind about you and how to dispel this common lie, check this out – Lie #7: Depart from me // Lie #8: Blot or spit you out!

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