The Truth About Baptism

Does water baptism save us? If not, then why do it? What does it really mean?

And what about spiritual baptism? Do we receive the Spirit in two different installments as some claim?

I address all these questions and more in this message called “The Truth About Baptism.”


Questionable Questions

In this message I address questionable questions, such as: What is the difference between sins of omission and sins of commission? What are your thoughts on the anti-Christ? Does baptism wash away sins? Are you against evangelism? What are your thoughts on the age of the Earth? What about the KJV, is this the best bible translation, if its not the best, what bible translation do you recommend?

Questions about Freedom (Part 4)

Is there an impending judgement from God on the U.S.A.? What are your views on the legalization of same sex marriage? Can you lose your salvation? Do we have to be baptized to be saved? These questions and more are addressed in the fourth part of Andrew’s series “Questions about Freedom.”