We hear so much religious jargon in Christian circles today. Yet some of these popular terms and expressions are so misleading, as they do not represent the grace of God.

In this video message, I confront some of the popular religious terminology in use these days and then highlight the truth that always sets us free.

Many have shared with me that getting these concepts straight has been so liberating to them. So if you have just 30 minutes, this is one you don’t want to miss!

A Sin Blockade?

Some claim that our sins cause a blockade between us and God such that He no longer hears our prayers. But this erroneous idea stems from a poor interpretation of 1 Peter 3:7.

In this short video, I talk about the true meaning of the passage and discuss the simple truth about prayer, our sins having been taken away, and our Father hearing us loud and clear!

Foot Washing For Forgiveness?

Some claim that we need more and more forgiveness from Jesus as He washes us on a daily basis. Here I talk about this common misconception and the truth of our once for all cleansing.

The Importance of Grace – Part 3

There’s just one method, not two. We continue in the Christian life just as we started- with Jesus plus nothing. Find out more in this powerful and provocative message on the sufficiency of God’s grace.

Can You Trust Your “Self”?

Is “self” a dirty word? And can you trust your “self”? The answer may surprise you!

The Truth About Fear and Trembling

Should we fear God? What does “fear and trembling” really mean? Can we have “anything” if we simply ask in Jesus’ name? Which is actually easier for Christians- to sin or to live uprightly?

I address these questions and more in this full-length message.


Here’s how one of the earliest events in the Bible relates to our tendency to measure our spiritual status with God.

The Truth About Health and Wealth

Ever noticed that those who say guaranteed health and wealth are part of the finished work of Christ also claim that you need to “sow seed” to activate it? In this message, Andrew shares the truth about health and wealth.

The Truth About Your Heart

Some Christians think it’s humble and “godly” to say we have wicked hearts. But didn’t God do something pretty significant to our hearts at salvation? In this full-length message, I share the truth about your heart!

Spirit, Body, and Soul

Is the soul in opposition to the spirit? Or does the soul work in tandem with our spirit? In this short video clip, I address these questions with the ultimate goal of having us remember that God loves us completely, through and through- spirit, soul, and body.

Hot Spots – Part 14

In this full-length message, I discuss the true context of the Lord’s Prayer.

Saved by His LIFE!

In this short video clip, I celebrate several dynamic truths from Romans 5.


Hotspots – Part 12

In this full-length message, I present the liberating and comforting truth about “Depart from Me.”


How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

In this short video, I share a simple and straightforward way to go about forgiving other people. I have seen God use this easy-to-implement truth to repair broken families and to heal marriages and friendships.

Hotspots – Part 11

In this full length message, I thoroughly discuss one of the most controversial passages about judgment. I think you’ll find the truth to be, as always, very liberating and inspiring!

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

In this short video, I talk about the true context of these two passages from Hebrews and show why the only unforgivable sin is actually rejecting the Gospel itself!

Late to Your Own Funeral

Here’s the true story of my grandma showing up late to her own funeral. This hilarious real-life event has implications for your spiritual life. Find out why, and enjoy!

Hotspots – Part 9

Forgiven. Reconciled. Qualified: Don’t even try to live the Christian life without these truths! (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)

Resurrected! What Does It Mean?

What does the resurrection mean for you personally? Discover why we celebrate the most important day in history!

Small Sins, Big God

In this short video clip, I present the truth about your sins, your God, and your qualifications: Your sins are small. Your God is big. And He has qualified you!

Forbidden Furniture?

What do a folding chair and a 4-year old saying “all gone” have in common? Find out in this unique look at the finished work of Jesus Christ!

Dying to Self

Here’s why the popular idea of “dying to self” is all wrong. Yes, you read that right. Here’s why Christians do not need to die to self!

1 John 1:9

A bar of soap for daily cleansing? No, here’s the truth about 1 John 1:9!

Galatians 2:20 – Crucified with Christ

I want to share my favorite verse in the Bible with you. It’s filled with so much powerful, life-changing truth, that one video doesn’t do it justice. I encourage you to take some time with it and ask God to reveal all that it can mean for you personally!

Hotspots – Part 1

Colossians 2 is one of the big hotspots in the Bible. Here we learn that there are three big reasons to thank our God: Because He has forgiven us of all our sins. Because He freed us from dead religion. Because He has made us alive and united together with Christ.

3 Ways We Honor The Finished Work Of Christ

In this full length message, I reveal 3 ways we can honor the finished work of Christ. The first way we honor Christ work is when we stop proclaiming confession as the means to “daily” forgiveness from God. When we instead proclaim the blood of Jesus as the only means to “once for all” forgiveness from God. Discover the two other ways we honor His finished work in this exciting message!

From Jail to Joy (Part 2)

This is the second message in Andrew’s series on Philippians titled “From Jail to Joy” (Philippians 2:1-13).