God of All Comfort

God of All Comfort – Part 9

In this final installment of the series, we see how God’s power is displayed in the midst of our weakness. I also discuss the one and only spiritual test that really matters.

God of All Comfort – Part 8

Get a feel for Paul’s passion, sarcasm and wit in defending the Gospel against those who would warp it in this latest edition of “God of All Comfort”!

God of All Comfort – Part 7

The Bible teaches us that there are two very different ways to “measure” ourselves and thus determine our value.

One way leads to comparisons, inferiority, and discouragement. The other way leads to real contentment and real joy.

In this full-length message, I address these two very different ways of seeking worth and meaning.

I hope this message is a reminder to you of your infinite value and of what is most important in life.


God of All Comfort – Part 6

Is it okay for a believer to marry a unbeliever? What about having unbelieving friends? What does giving under God’s grace really look like?

These questions and more are addressed in this latest installment from my new series, “The God of All Comfort.”

I hope you’re encouraged in the truth about living under God’s grace.


God of All Comfort – Part 4

What will our new resurrection bodies be like? When will we get them? How many judgments are there- one or two?

Finally, what does it mean that “God reconciled the world” but they still need to “be reconciled to God”?

In this brief look at 2 Corinthians 5, I address these important questions and much more.


God of All Comfort – Part 3

Feeling overwhelmed by circumstances? Need some encouragement today?

In this message, I share how God can be our comfort and our inspiration in the midst of intense trouble and stress.

Consider taking in some truth and be encouraged!

God of All Comfort – Part 2

We are a fragrant aroma of Christ to God! And we are each qualified as ministers of God’s new way of grace!

Learn why God did this for you and get encouraged in this full-length message on one of the most powerful passages in the New Testament- 2 Corinthians 3.


God of All Comfort

Where is God when it hurts? What is He thinking?

In this full-length video message, I share how we can benefit from God’s goodness in the midst of an ugly, earthly mess.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today. And consider sharing this with someone you know who is hurting right now.