We hear so much religious jargon in Christian circles today. Yet some of these popular terms and expressions are so misleading, as they do not represent the grace of God.

In this video message, I confront some of the popular religious terminology in use these days and then highlight the truth that always sets us free.

Many have shared with me that getting these concepts straight has been so liberating to them. So if you have just 30 minutes, this is one you don’t want to miss!

The Importance of Grace – Part 3

There’s just one method, not two. We continue in the Christian life just as we started- with Jesus plus nothing. Find out more in this powerful and provocative message on the sufficiency of God’s grace.

The Importance of Grace – Part 1

Part 1 in this series on Galatians. Is Grace just a special emphasis or trendy topic these days?

Grace and Discipline

How does discipline fit with the grace of God?

The Truth About Health and Wealth

Ever noticed that those who say guaranteed health and wealth are part of the finished work of Christ also claim that you need to “sow seed” to activate it? In this message, Andrew shares the truth about health and wealth.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

In 2 Corinthians 5:10, “all” means all humans, not just Christians, and the outcome at the judgment seat of Christ is very different for believers and unbelievers.

The Benefits of Freedom

Here’s what we’re seeing in the lives of people as they grab hold of God’s grace.

Does God Get Angry at Christians?

In the short video clip, I address whether God gets angry at Christians and whether or not we can please Him with our behavior.

Hotspot – Part 15

The Truth about “Faith Without Works is Dead.”

The Truth About Paul’s Romans 7 Struggle

Here I challenge the idea that Romans 7 is about a believer’s “two spiritual natures” at war with each other. I show what’s really going on – a force called sin is taking over like a parasite, a foreign agent. I discuss why this happens and how we can believe differently to experience victory over sin’s power.

So Should We Just Go On Sinning?

God’s grace is SO big, so should we just go on sinning?

In this video clip, I explore this popular question which was first entertained by the apostle Paul himself in Romans 6.

Saved by His LIFE!

In this short video clip, I celebrate several dynamic truths from Romans 5.


One Method or Two?

Here I present a simple concept that could revolutionize the way you wake up every day and live life!

Resurrected! What Does It Mean?

What does the resurrection mean for you personally? Discover why we celebrate the most important day in history!

Are you Robbing God?

In this video, we’ll see that the answer is a resounding “No.” I discuss, the truth about tithing, Jesus’ own words on the topic, and our real motivation under grace!

Hotspots – Part 4

Does it ever seem unfair that someone else’s disobedience messed up everything? Yeah, the idea that Adam’s sin ruined the world can seem unfair. Well, God’s grace is unfair too. It’s so unbelievably unfair that we get to become righteous because of Someone else’s obedience! Find out how we personally can benefit from a Grace that is so beautifully unfair!

Hotspots – Part 2

Here’s 3 ways God is a big show off: He made us alive. He raised us up. He seated us in heaven. And He did all this to simply show off His grace toward us! In this 34-minute message, find out what God’s showing off means for you!

Why Won’t You?

Here I defend the gospel of grace and explain why I won’t add these disturbing doctrines to my teaching!

A Perfect Fit!

Find out why you’re a perfect fit for God’s new way of grace!

Grace Conversation

In this message Zach and I talk about common questions around the grace message. “What does it look or feel like for Christ to live through us?  Does behavior matter? What about tithing and giving?”

From Jail to Joy (Part 5)

This is the fifth message in Andrew’s series on Philippians titled “From Jail to Joy” (Philippians 3:16-4:23).

Is That Really In The Bible? (Part 4)

Where do you see redemption and forgiveness being spoken of as being simultaneously experienced? You say that reconciliation is a finished work. Where do you get that from? Where in the Bible do you get the idea that sin is a parasite? These questions and more are addressed in the fourth message in Andrew’s series titled “Is That Really In the Bible?”