ReThink! (Part 5)

In this latest edition of “ReThink!”, I address the misleading idea that we believers have a “sinful nature.” Also, I offer a Scriptural definition of “the flesh” and even discuss “revival.”

I think you’ll find this latest edition of “ReThink!” to be insightful and helpful in gaining a new perspective on everyday living.


ReThink! (Part 4)

Do we believers need to “come to the end of ourselves” in order to “be broken” and “surrender” to God”?

Find out the surprising and liberating truth in this latest edition of “ReThink!”


ReThink! (Part 3)

What value does the Old Testament have in light of grace? Isn’t “balancing” God’s grace a good thing? What does “fall from grace” mean? What’s going on with Paul when he does what he doesn’t want to do? Aren’t there still spiritual and natural consequences for sin?

ReThink! (Part 2)

Is the whole world forgiven? Who are the “elect”? Is the Law written on the believer’s heart? Are health and wealth a promise to us in the finished work of Christ?

These questions and much more are addressed in this latest installment of “ReThink!”



In this fast-paced, popcorn-style message, I address some common misconceptions about God’s grace and our new identity in Christ. Enjoy!