The Truth About

The Truth About Prophecy

What is new covenant prophecy? Who are prophets and what do they do? Is prophecy about telling the future? In this message, I share the truth about prophecy!

The Truth About Tongues

The spiritual gift of tongues – such a controversial issue! For many decades, the church has been divided on the topic of tongues.

  • Is tongues an angelic language?
  • Is tongues a heavenly language?
  • Is tongues a private prayer language?

In this video message, “The Truth About Tongues”, I share what I believe is the simple and straightforward reality about the gift of tongues.

No matter what your take is on the issue, I hope you find this message engaging and challenging as you decide what you believe.


The Truth About Law and Grace

If Christians are not under the Law, then how does God lead us?

Does our freedom from the Law include the Ten Commandments?

How does God’s grace keep us from a life of chaos and lawlessness?

These questions and more are addressed in this new message, “The Truth About Law and Grace.”


The Truth About the Antichrist

Is the antichrist one person? Why does John say that the antichrist is anyone who denies that Jesus came in the flesh? And how do John’s statements jive with the popular view of the antichrist as someone who pretends to be Christ?

They seem like different concepts, and they are! Find out more in this week’s message, “The Truth About the Antichrist.”

The Truth About the Will of God

Ever wondered what God’s will for your life is? Well, here it is!

The Truth About The Lord’s Supper

The lights dim. The sad music plays. And everyone begins to examine themselves before communion so that they might get cleansed and qualify.

Is this what God intended for us to do?

In this full length message, I discuss the truth about the Lord’s Supper.


The Truth About Baptism

Does water baptism save us? If not, then why do it? What does it really mean?

And what about spiritual baptism? Do we receive the Spirit in two different installments as some claim?

I address all these questions and more in this message called “The Truth About Baptism.”


The Truth About Losing Your Salvation

Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10 present us with two challenging passages which many use to say that we can lose our salvation.

But can we exhaust the blood of Jesus? Can we out-sin the grace of God? Does the Holy Spirit ever get insulted and then cast us away?

In this message, I address these two challenging passages and share the truth about losing your salvation.


The Truth About Judgment and Reward

When teaching about judgment and reward is not clear, many Christians are left fearful of what might occur in the future when Christ returns.

In this full-length message, I share the liberating truth about judgment and reward.


The Truth About The Cross

Did Jesus need to die? Was a perfect sacrifice needed? Was it a payment? Was it a ransom? Was it a rescue?

The Truth About Fear and Trembling

Should we fear God? What does “fear and trembling” really mean? Can we have “anything” if we simply ask in Jesus’ name? Which is actually easier for Christians- to sin or to live uprightly?

I address these questions and more in this full-length message.

The Truth About Health and Wealth

Ever noticed that those who say guaranteed health and wealth are part of the finished work of Christ also claim that you need to “sow seed” to activate it? In this message, Andrew shares the truth about health and wealth.

The Truth About The New Creation

The new creation does not need to be broken, torn down, or killed off.

The Truth About Your Heart

Some Christians think it’s humble and “godly” to say we have wicked hearts. But didn’t God do something pretty significant to our hearts at salvation? In this full-length message, I share the truth about your heart!

Shake: The Truth about the Holy Spirit

Can we get more of the Holy Spirit? What does be being filled with the Holy Spirit mean? What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit?