Complete in Christ – Part 5

In this concluding message of our “Complete in Christ” series, we will explore the profound themes of Colossians 3-4, focusing on the transformative power of the word “let” and the realization that God has already prepared incredible things to happen within us.

We will delve into the liberating truth that everything we do can be done in the name of Jesus, and reflect on the beautiful dynamics of respect and love within relationships. Additionally, we will ponder the assurance that God’s treatment of us will never exasperate or discourage us.

I encourage you to tune in to this enlightening and inspiring conclusion to our series. Let’s continue to grow together in the deeper truth of our completeness in Christ!

Discussion Questions for Colossians 3-4:

  1. The word “let” appears three times (3:15-16 and 4:6) in this passage. What does the word “let” tell you about what God has already prepared to happen in you?
  2. Read verse 17 and react to this statement: Everything you do can be done in the name of Jesus. Yes, everything.
  3. Read verses 18-19. Paul seems to be implying that husbands primarily desire respect and wives primarily desire love. Does this resonate with you? Why or why not?
  4. Read verse 21 and react to this statement: God the Father’s treatment of you will never exasperate you or cause you to lose heart.
  5. Read verse 24. How does “the reward of the inheritance” throw a wrench in the common view of rewards being earned through good works? How do you get an inheritance?
  6. Read Colossians 4:2-4. Would you consider praying for The Grace Message and The Grace Church that God would “open up to us a door” for the message of Christ to go forth and that He would enable us to “make it clear”? (We thank you for praying for us!)

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