Forever in His Presence – Part 1

In this first message of our new series on 1 John, “Forever in His Presence,” we explore how “experiencing the presence of God” has often been miscommunicated in the church, missing the incredible truth of our constant union with Christ.

We also address common misunderstandings about “fellowship” with God. Many think our fellowship with God can be lost or broken, especially when we sin. But we’ll discuss what really happens with the Holy Spirit when we stumble and what remains unchanged.

Plus, you’ll discover that 1 John 1:9 was written – not as a “bar of soap” for daily forgiveness – but to those denying their sinfulness. (And, yes, this means we as believers already have complete forgiveness and cleansing of all unrighteousness!).

Join us and get encouraged by the profound truths of our unbreakable fellowship with God!

Discussion Questions:

  1. How has “experiencing the presence of God” been communicated popularly in the church today? How does this perspective fall short of the amazing truth?
  2. How has the concept of “fellowship” been misunderstood in the Christian world today? What is the truth about our fellowship with God?
  3. What about when we sin? What happens with the Holy Spirit? What does not happen with Him? (Be specific on the consequences of sin and what we retain.)
  4. What heresies is John combating in his first chapter? Why is this so important to understand?
  5. How do verses 8 and 10 shed light on who needs the solution of verse 9? Explain.
  6. React to this statement: 1 John 1:9 was written to sin deniers, and we believers already have forgiveness and cleansing of all unrighteousness, forever!

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