Forever in His Presence – Part 4

The next message in our “Forever in His Presence” series explores what it means to have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, teaching us all things. John even says they don’t need anyone to teach them, because they have an intuitive knowing of truth about Jesus!

You’ll also be challenged by the statement that you’re as righteous as Jesus Christ. Could that really be true?

Check out this message packed with powerful truths that encourage you to see yourself as God sees you!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Verse 25 holds a promise for us related to the truthfulness of God. What is it? How does it relate to our security with God?
  2. Verses 26-27 reveal that one purpose for John’s letter is to contrast believers and deceivers. How does this give us more fuel for understanding 1 John 1:9 and its surrounding verses?
  3. Read verses 28 and 29 and react to this statement: I can have confidence upon Jesus’ return because I am born of God and as righteous as He is!
  4. Read verses 1-3. What does the purification refer to? What’s the motivation for this purification?
  5. Read verse 6. How are we to interpret this passage if Christians still fall into temptation and commit sins?
  6. Read verse 7. React to this statement: I am as righteous as Jesus Christ.
  7. Read verse 10. How does the word “obvious” play into our understanding of John’s contrast between righteousness and sin, light and darkness, believer and deceiver? Why is this word so important for those who get caught in morbid introspection of their performance?

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