New Year, Same You!

People talk about a ‘new year, new you,’ and how to be a different, better version of yourself. But what if you don’t need a new you? That’s the truth about you!

In my New Year’s message, “New Year, Same You!” I unpack ten reasons you can celebrate the newness you’ve already received through God’s grace. You’ll hear liberating truths about new ways to think and serve, the new commandment on your heart, and your newfound freedom from the burdensome weight of legalistic rule-keeping.

Scripture is brimming with encouragement that affirms you’re already new because of Jesus Christ. So, check out this message and discover the inspiration you need to start the year living from a place of freedom and joy – based on who you already are!

Discussion Questions for “New Year, Same You!”:

  1. Why is it so important to know you have a new heart?
  2. What is the new commandment? How is having it different from “Law keeping”?
  3. In your view, what does the “new wine” represent? Why?
  4. How have you experienced the “new way to think”? Give an example.
  5. Which means the most to you right now – your forgiveness or your freedom? Why?
  6. How does the “new way to serve” differ from legalistic pressure or obligation?

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