News Flash! – Part 16

“Let love…” Hebrews 13 begins with these two beautiful words: Let. Love. Perhaps there’s no better way to summarize the “mechanics” of the Christian life. God has poured out His love in our hearts, so now we can “let love” be expressed in all we do!

Hebrews 13 goes on to assure us that God will never revoke His love or withdraw His presence. It also warns us of the importance of majoring in God’s grace and not letting any “strange teachings” distract us.

Finally, Hebrews 13 inspires us to go “outside the camp” of traditional religion to embrace the finished work of Jesus Christ… even if we’re criticized for it.

This message is the grand finale in our Hebrews series. I hope you enjoy it!

Discussion Questions for Hebrews 13:

  1. Read verse 1. How do the two words “let” and “love” speak to you?
  2. Read verse 4. Then react to the following statement: Sometimes, the New Testament tells us as saints not to act like “those people” whom God will judge. This doesn’t mean we’re “those people”!
  3. Read verse 5. How does the author link money and God’s presence?
  4. Read verse 7. Why do you think it says “imitate their faith” rather than imitate their conduct?
  5. React to this statement: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
  6. Read verse 9. What strange teachings are people carried away by today? How could they be strengthened by God’s grace instead?
  7. In what way do we go to Jesus “outside the camp”?
  8. Read verse 15. What kind of sacrifice does God really want from us? How is this different from what we might’ve heard elsewhere?
  9. Read verses 20-21. What is God doing within you? For what purpose?

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