News Flash! – Part 5

Make every effort to enter God’s rest? Try to rest? Sounds like a bit of a paradox to me! So, what is this Hebrews 4 invitation really about?

Growing up, I believed Hebrews 4 was an invitation to believers to try to reach a second level or second tier of Christian experience – a higher plane of spiritual rest and victory. But believing that set me on a path toward chasing a superior experience that was always elusive.

So, what does it really mean to enter God’s rest? In this message, you’ll discover the liberating truth that you’ve already entered it. You’ll also be introduced to a High Priest that is sympathetic toward your weaknesses and isn’t trying to get you to be someone different.

Realizing this matters, so be encouraged and enjoy this message!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is “God’s rest” and how does a person come short of it?
  2. How is the seventh day used as an analogy for us today?
  3. Explain the paradox of asking them to be diligent (or make every effort) to rest.
  4. How have you seen Jesus sympathize with your weaknesses?
  5. According to verse 16, what can we feel about talking with God? What can we always expect from Him?

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