News Flash! – Part 8

The “passport” of Jesus is one of the strongest arguments for us to abandon Law and enjoy God’s grace. That’s right – Jesus’ lineage (born into the tribe of Judah) makes Him a high priest like no other. As a result, we can set aside the Law as weak and useless for us, because Jesus Christ is greater and His grace is enough. Find out more in this important message on Hebrews 7!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read verses 1-3 and verse 8. Do you think Melchizedek represents Christ (as a symbol) or was he actually an early appearance of Christ? Explain your reasons.
  2. Read verse 5. How does this support the idea that tithing 10% is not a requirement for believers today? (Cross-reference Matthew 23:23 also.)
  3. Read verses 6-10. If the purpose here is not to require a tithe today, then why does the writer recount this story? (Hint: Think in terms of lesser and greater.)
  4. Read verse 11. What one word encapsulates why Jesus came to replace the Levitical priesthood?
  5. Read verses 12-14. How does the “passport” of Jesus argue for a new covenant?
  6. Read verses 18-19. Give four reasons the Law has been set aside.
  7. Read verse 25. Why are you saved forever?
  8. Read verses 26-28. What are four ways that Jesus is different from high priests in the Old Testament?

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